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Janet brings the gang to her void, but they died on the way and are all in the form of Janets. 

Michael is concerned that the bad place is tampering with the point system so he and the real Janet go to speak with the department. 

They discover that no one has gotten into The Good Place for the last 521 years. Janet tells Michael that he is the only person that can get to the bottom of everything. 

Eleanor tries to continue her conversation about her feelings with Chidi but he doesn't believe any of their "Good Place" experiences were actually his.

Chidi goes on to lecture everyone about whether their past selves were their actual selves, but Eleanor tells him that he's just in denial about his feelings.

Eleanor loses her sense of self and Janet's void starts to implode. Chidi tells Eleanor all the things he likes about her to help bring her back and they kiss. The whole gang turns back into themselves and end up in Accounting with Michael and Janet.

The head of the department sounds the alarm because Chidi, Eleanor, Tahani, and Jason are interdimensional fugitives. 

They all make a run for it and end up in The Good Place for real. 

The Good Place
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The Good Place Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

Janet you did it! You brought us into your void! If I had a heart it would be pounding!


You're barfing Wikipedia over everyone to avoid talking about your feelings.