The Good Place Season 3 Episode 10 Review: Janet(s)

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If you were only going to pick one episode to watch, The Good Place Season 3 Episode 10 is it. The entire thing was so wonderfully weird that it's impossible not to love. 

The acting was phenomenal, the jokes were hilarious, and The Good Place finally went back to what made it so unique from the start.

In other words, it was forking awesome. 

Janet Helps Michael - The Good Place

Taking the gang into Janet's void and turning them all into Janets was a work of absolute genius. Not only was it comedic, but it also highlighted the amazing skills of D'Arcy Carden.

Janet you did it! You brought us into your void! If I had a heart it would be pounding!


Playing a human-robot doesn't always provide a lot of opportunities to showcase your talent, but if there was ever any doubt about Carden's acting abilities, The Good Place Season 3 Episode 10 proved that theory incorrect. 

Goodbye Pillboi - The Good Place Season 3 Episode 10

Not only did she take on the voice and personalities of each individual character, but the body language was so on point that it was hard to remember the real actors weren't actually playing themselves.

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It was hard to take just about anything in the episode seriously, which was precisely the point. No matter what the characters were saying to each other, Carden's wonderful impersonation of them made every one of their interactions outright hilarious. 

It may have taken a while to get to this point, but it seems like Chidi and Eleanor are officially a thing. And honestly, it couldn't have happened in a funnier or more beautiful way.

Chidi, being Chidi, was quick to shoot down the notion that he could have feelings for Eleanor.

You're barfing Wikipedia over everyone to avoid talking about your feelings.


He actually addresses a point on which viewers themselves have been divided. Is the Chidi that had those past experiences a Chidi from a different timeline? Or is he the same Chidi who simply can't remember his past?

While both are viable options, forgetting your past doesn't erase it. All the characters still did the things they did and their actions were their own. Doesn't that make them the same people who just got reset way too many times?

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One of the many "WTF!" moments of the episode was when her fighting with Chidi causes Eleanor to lose her sense of self. It turns out that can actually destroy Janet's void. 

Great. So I don't feel like myself for two seconds and it breaks the universe?


Eleanor changing from person to person was all kinds of crazy, which just added to the overall aloofness of the episode. 

But as usual, it takes the world quite literally collapsing around them for Eleanor and Chidi to finally act on their feelings.

Love Confessions - The Good Place Season 3 Episode 10

Chidi stating out loud all the things he knows about Eleanor was absolutely adorable. It was the perfect way to get Chidi to understand just how deep his feelings for Eleanor are. 

You're sharp, and you're strong. You make fun of me a lot. You once called me a human snooze button. But you also showed up in my classroom when I was drowning in despair and canned chili and you basically saved my life.


Chidi kissing Eleanor while they were both in Janet form made the scene all the funnier, but the tone quickly transformed into something deeper when the kiss caused them both to turn back into themselves. 

True Love's Kiss - The Good Place Season 3 Episode 10

Everything about this moment was breathtaking. Even the music transitioned seamlessly from a jocular tune to a more emotional score. 

Now the only question is, will Eleanor and Chidi stay together, or will a supernatural force once again rip them apart?

The ending of The Good Place Season 3 Episode 10 came as an absolute shock. Now that Eleanor, Chidi, Tahani, and Jason are dead again, they can't exactly go back to Earth.

While it seemed possible that they would find themselves running around the afterlife or stuck in Accounting, ending up in the actual Good Place was the last thing that could've been expected. 

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The Good Place has made us believe that the characters have been in the show's form of heaven multiple times, so how do we know this is real?

Eleanor obviously had the same suspicions, but as soon as she said "fork" opposed to the alternative, everyone realized that this may actually be happening.

Fork - The Good Place Season 3 Episode 10

However, it's going to take a lot more than a utensil to believe that the gang has finally reached The Good Place. It seems a little early in the series to be at the end of the road.

Even if Eleanor and her friends are where they think they are, there's no way everything is going to be rainbows and butterflies from here on out.

If no one's been sent to The Good Place in over 500 years, there has to be a reason why. It looks like it's up to Michael and Team Cockroach to get to the bottom of it once and for all. And considering they're fugitives on the run, their task is going to be even harder than it sounds.

The endless amount of questions only makes the wait for the next episode that much more agonizing. But there are quite a few theories we need to think through, so maybe some time to absorb it all is a blessing. 

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Janet(s) Review

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The Good Place Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

Janet you did it! You brought us into your void! If I had a heart it would be pounding!


You're barfing Wikipedia over everyone to avoid talking about your feelings.