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Eleanor, Tahani, Chidi, and Jason catch Michael and Janet by the portal to the afterlife. 

They all recognize Michael as someone they met over the past year. 

Michael and Janet try to convince the gang that they're in the FBI but end up telling them the truth. Now that they know about the existence of The Good Place, their motives are corrupt it's impossible for them to get in. 

Eleanor tries to go back to her old ways but finds that her conscience won't let her. She finds a man's wallet and ends up driving all over town to get it back to him. 

Chidi is destroyed over the entire concept of the afterlife. He walks around in a craze and yells at his students during class. 

Jason and Tahani try to become better people by handing out free money. Tahani realizes she no longer wants her fortune and decides to give it all to Jason. The bank declines her transfer so they get married in order for her to share her wealth. 

Michael and Janet write a complete account of everything they learned through their experiment in the hopes that it will help someone else. 

Eleanor brings the group together and says that while they're not getting into The Good Place, they can still help others get to it. Everyone agrees to help try and save some souls.

Tahani's fiancé comes in and asks her if she's ready to go to the airport. 


The Good Place
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The Good Place Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

Michael: As soon as you learned about the afterlife your motivation to be good was corrupted, so you can't earn points anymore. So sorry for eternally dooming you.
Janet: And that's our bad guys.

See ya in hell. You know what I just realized? I always say that when leaving a room, but right now it's accurate. I will literally see you in hell.