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Vicky tries to torture Janet with her Michael suit.

Michael gives Jason his memories back on the way to the Bad Place to help him with his impulse control.

Eleanor sends Tahani and the rest of the humans to a lake house to keep them distracted while Janet, Michael, and Jason are gone. 

Jason tells Michael he's scared that his and Janet's connection may be gone. 

Chidi decides to say home from the lake house, so Tahani goes to get him.

Derek can't handle taking care of the neighborhood, and everyone starts to malfunction. 

Eleanor sends Tahani back to the lake house and tries to keep Chidi occupied. Tahani runs into Derek and realizes he may become more capable of running the neighborhood if they reboot him. 

Michael and Jason pretend to be demons wearing skinsuits, and Shawn has them torture Janet on stage in front of a room of demons. 

When Derek gets rebooted everyone in the neighborhood collapses. Eleanor hatches a new plan with Chidi. 

Shawn brings out Janet and the real Vicky shows up in her Michael suit. 

Eleanor and Tahani lead Chidi blindfolded through the neighborhood and take him to the lake house where he reunites with Simone.

Shawn realizes Michael and Jason are real, but they use the demon blaster to escape with Janet.

Eleanor assures Tahani that she's vital to the experiment. 

Michael, Jason, and Janet head back to the neighborhood. 

The Good Place
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The Good Place Season 4 Episode 5 Quotes

Jason: Michael, I'm scared.
Michael: Me too, bud.
Jason: I mean, what if all this time apart has changed me and Janet's relationship? What if that special connection is gone?
Michael: Yeah. I mean, for me it's scary that we're standing in the birthplace of evil, surrounded by billions of demons who want to destroy us.
Jason: Mm. I guess we both have things we're scared about.

Wait, can I have all my memories back again? I forgot most of them.