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Everyone plays magic Pictionary. 

Glenn from the Bad Place shows up and tells Eleanor that Michael is Vicky in disguise. Eleanor tells Michael that she doesn't believe Glenn. 

Eleanor tries to avoid calling the judge because she'll reset the entire experiment if it's been tampered with. 

Glenn ends up making a convincing argument, so Eleanor locks Michael and Glenn in separate rooms while she, Jason, and Tahani brainstorm. 

Michael admits that he knew the Bad Place made a Michael suit and they were planning on using it if the experiment failed. He says he didn't tell anyone because Shawn was planning on erasing their memories anyway. 

The group goes back to Glenn and he gives them a plausible scenario in which the real Michael could have been swapped out. Eleanor tells Michael to take off his skinsuit, but he refuses because he doesn't want his friends to see what he really looks like. 

Janet makes a lie detector and tries to use it on Glenn which causes him to explode. 

Eleanor steps outside and sees Chidi obsessively drawing. She suggests he takes a break and the two of them get food. 

Eleanor decides to call the judge because she'll never be able to trust that Michael isn't Vicky in disguise. He decides to blow himself up to put everyone's mind at ease.

Before Michael can kill himself, Jason realizes that Janet is actually Bad Janet. 

Michael and Jason go to the Bad Place to get the real Janet back. 

The Good Place
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The Good Place Season 4 Episode 4 Quotes

They said everyone in the Bad Place was evil and beyond repair. I don't know if I believe that anymore.


Eleanor: So to recap: You found out the Bad Place made a Michael suit, freaked out, didn't tell us why, and then later you lied to me about why you freaked out?