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-A small drilling contractor sues a major oil company over back payments. Fred Thompson shows up as the attorney for the new plaintiff when the Venezuelan government takes over the drilling company.

-The judge suggests Thompson and Lockhart Gardner work together. They do until it becomes clear that Thompson's client, dictator Hugo Chavez is really after a map of untapped oil reserves. Will and Diane make a deal that gets their client the 86 million dollars he's owed and let's Thompson go after the map.

-Natalie works as a temporary translator for Lockhart Gardner per Eli's recommendation. She does so well that she's offered a full time job in an office in Washington D. C.  She accepts and tells Eli goodbye.

-When Wendy Scott-Carr's husband does an interview before the election, Alicia must respond. Her successful interview helps Peter win the election.

-Wiley comes to see Alicia at the election party. He tells Alicia that he couldn't prove the rumors that Peter had an affair with a co-worker. He only found the name Leela which led no where. Alicia immediately recognizes it as the name Blake called Kalinda. She is devastated.

The Good Wife
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The Good Wife Season 2 Episode 20 Quotes

Yeah, that's a hard one. By the way I slept with your husband. Sorry is that too blunt?


Oh my God. It's like being in a Woody Allen movie.