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Kalinda changed her address on this week's episode of The Good Wife, likely to avoid her past catching up to her for as long as possible. Cary, however, told her an indictment was coming down against practices by defense attorney investigators, specifically her.


- The case of the week focused on a social networking site that gave away information about its users to the Chinese government. One was jailed and tortured as a result. Alicia and viewers assumed the firm was defending him because of the whole human rights thing, but we then learned the truth: Will was working with the Mark Zuckerberg-like dude from a couple weeks ago, who wanted China all to himself.

The aim was to get this company out of there so this guy could take over. Will defended those actions as following the law and earning the company a lot of money. Alicia was appalled at his reasoning.

- Diane and Will won the equity partners' vote, largely because Julian fooled Bond into thinking he was taking his side and tricked him into firing an ally. Bond was voted out.

- Zach and Becca learned that Childs had lied about a nanny and covered it up, forcing him out of the face. Peter confronted his adversary in a great scene, Childs resigned from the election via press conference and it's down to just Wendy vs. Peter.

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