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Alicia represents an immigrant who is threatened with deportation and may end up at the mercy of a cartel.

Lockhart/Gardner rebrands to LG.

Edelman continues to provide intel to LG on Florrick/Agos.

Will's girlfriend is in his office using his wifi.

Natalia Flores goes to LG asking for help for one of her friends who was swept up in an illegal immigration roundup.

Carey tells Alicia to take Natalie's friends case pro bono because of where Natalia works. Her boss controls $90 million in client billing. They have their first new client.

Carey asks Cary who was the last salaried person hired, and they realize it was Robyn. They have to let that person go according to Clarke in order to meet budget.

After going to court to help Tomas, Alicia is met with Eli and Marilyn. They are there to do an "advance" visit.

Eli sees Natalie and gulps with pleasure and distraction.

Natalie's boss calls LG and tells them he sent Natalie to feel them out in advance of sending all of his work their way, and then Howard Layman tells them how the conversation went.

Tomas' wife, Elena, calls Alicia to tell her that ICE has taken Tomas to the same place where the guy is he was testifying against.

Robyn goes to Kalinda to see if she can put in a good word at LG about getting her job back since Florrick/Agos will be laying her off from her job.

Eli and Natalie have dinner, where we learn she and her boyfriend broke up.

Robyn decides to help Florrick/Agos find the real Tomas Ruiz that was supposed to be deported to try to secure her job.

Will tries to run point on the Natalia Flores fiasco by telling her boss Florrick/Agos isn't up to the task of her case.

Eli and Marilyn talk to Peter about a speech they had previously agreed upon, and Eli changes his mind because of the dinner he had with Natalie.

Alicia and Cary run around like crazy through different courts trying to be heard in the proper place that will recognize Tomas' argument.

Will calls Natalie to apologize and ask about making it up to her while the blonde sucks on his neck.

Marilyn tattles on Eli to Peter about his flip flop regarding the speech. She tells him that if he's changing policy because of outside influences it's an ethical violation.

There is no end Robyn won't go to to get information.

Howard Layman is a complete embarrassment to LG and Kalinda and Diane tell him he has to apologize immediately.

When Cary and Alicia can't get the job done for Tomas, Natalie calls Will.

Robyn saves the day. 

Eli decides to cancel his dinner with Natalie, and calls her while looking in on her through the window of the restaurant. Then he goes in and tells her lying to her gave him a stomach ache.

Alicia unwraps an office chair and Peter shows up at the office with Marilyn and some interns to help her unpack.



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The Good Wife Season 5 Episode 8 Quotes

This is no longer a dream. This is reality. Three months from now we are opening offices in New York. We are growing. Share that with your clients. The era of your clients is over. Now. A new era needs new branding. LG. Own those letters. No one says Lockhart/Gardner anymore. It's LG.


Natalie: Are these temporary?
Alicia: They're gonna look great. Just give us a week.