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As the episode opens, Alicia is counting out $5,000 to pay for a prison consultant to help Cary prep for his prison time. The consultant doesn't beat around the bush and quickly asks Alicia and her body woman to leave.

The prison consultant immediately gets into Cary and tells him he needs to find a friend on the inside to vouch for him while he is in statesville. He calls Kalinda, who is parked outside Lemond Bishop's and she tells him she wil help him find someone and call him back.

The prison consultant asks if the girl he was talking to is his girlfriend and he says she is but it's complicated. He tells Cary to un-complicate it today. 

Kalinda gets out of the car and is waiting in Bishop's house. Bishop appears and Kalinda tells him that Cary needs his help. Bishop reminds her that the last time she was there she threatened Bishop and his son and that doesn't sit well with him. Kalinda reminds him that this isn't about her, but Cary, who has always stood up for Bishop. 

Bishop walks out of the room and returns with a phone. She answers the phone and gets what she needs for Cary - and also learns that the drugs were being exported, which could help Cary's case. Bishop tells her that she will be getting a phone call in the next few days and that she needs to return the favor. 

Kalinda calls Diane and tells her they may be able to get Cary's case dismissed. 

Meanwhile, Alicia and her camaign staff are prepping for the debate, but Alicia is preoccupied with Cary. 

We meet Dr. Fluke, an English professor who is going to play Frank Prady in the mock debate. 

Elfman leads with a question about Cary in the mock debate and Alicia fiercely defends Cary. Eli worries behind the scenes. 

Diane gets in front of Judge Cuestra and he tells her that they have until 5:00pm to bring him evidence that the prosecution buried evidence or else Cary is being sent off to prison as planned. 

Diane and Kalinda walk out of the courtroom with only six hours to come up with the evidence they need.

Eli calls Diane and tells her that she needs to leave Alicia alone right now during debate prep. She tells him that she is the one who has been calling her. 

Back at the firm, Diane calls on all the associates to help dig up evidence they need, a Brady violation, to help Cary out. 

As Cary talks to all the associates and lays out a plan, Cary calls her, but she ignores the call. 

Kalinda and Diane agree that they will not tell Cary. 

Alicia calls Diane again and Diane updates her on where they are and tells Alicia not to call her anymore, they have work they need to do. 

Kalinda chats with the policeman in Toronto who originally busted the gang behind the drugs, and told him that he emailed Dr. Prima back in Chicago and never heard back from him. His description of what went down will definitely help Cary, as long as the email was actually sent. 

Back at the hotel where Cary and the prison consultant are, the two talk about who Cary is close to. He says his friend is Alicia and Kalinda is his girlfriend. The consultant tells Cary to turn over his power of attorney to Alicia and wants Kalinda to come to the hotel to have sex with Cary before he is locked up. 

Back at debate prep, Dr. Fluke starts laughing uncontrollably, and we find out that he is high on medical marijuana. 

The prison consultant continues to tell Cary he needs to get laid as Alicia calls him. She asks him about the plea deal and where they are since she can't call Diane, but Cary has no clue what she is talking about. 

In the courtroom, Diane gets a subpoena for the email records of Detective Prima to see if he did in fact get the email that the Toronto policeman sent him.

Kalinda gets a call from the prison consultant and tells her to come to the hotel where Cary is to have sex with him. At first she thinks that it is Lemond Bishop calling in his favor, but realizes it is not. 

Kalinda's friend is loooking into the email files to see if Detective Prima received the information, but after searching, finds that it is a dead end. The email went to Priima's junk folder, and he never did open it before it was deleted from junk.  

This sends Kalinda to Cary's hotel room realizing that he is going to be going to jail. Cary and Kalinda argue because no one told him about the potential Brady violation, but Kalinda tells him it was a dead end. Cary realizes there is no more hope. 

The prison consultant, who has stepped out of the room so they could have sex, screams in that they need to be doing less talking and more sex. 

To replace the high Dr.  Fluke from debate prep, Finn is brought in and Alicia and him battle it out.

Back at the hotel, Cary and Kalinda are laying in bed, and Kalinda tells Cary that she will not disappear on him. He tells her that four years is a long time, but she reassures him that she is not going anywhere.

Kalinda walks out and is in tears as she realizes it may be the last time she sees Cary for a few years. 

Kalinda goes back to the office and asks the guy who was working on the email files how hard would it be to fake the meta on the account. 

He tells her it can be done, but it's illegal and she can get in a lot of trouble. She asks him to show her and then leave so she can do it. 

At the hotel, the prison consultant shows Cary how to eat his meals so other prisoners don't put pieces of glass it in, and that he needs to eat while in prison to  keep his strength up.

Cary asks if prisoners ask the consultant how to run. The consultant says they do, but he tells Cary it's problematic and that Cary is not an outlaw. 

As Finn and Alicia are debating back and forth, it's clear there is chemistry between the two of them and Alicia actually has a smile on her face. Then, in comes Peter who starts bickering with Finn's responses. 

At the firm Kalinda is showed how to switch the meta around and ends up doing it. 

Meanwhile, one of the associates finds another potential Brady violation based on a transcript of an interrogation with one of Bishop's guys. 

Back in the hotel room, Cary opens his bank balance on his computer,  $253,000, looks at it, and then he walks out of the room with his suit coat. 

As the debate prep heats up with Peter getting in Finn's face, they decide to take a break. Finn, feeling uncomfortable decides to bow out and heads back to the office. 

Alicia and Peter end up debating and Alicia goes on about how she won't be like the Governor. Eli puts a stop to it, which angers Elfman, as Alicia really was wiping up the floor with Peter. 

Alicia ask Peter for a favor - she wants him to help Cary out. Peter says he can't do that. 

It's 5:00pm, and Diane is ready to share her evidence with the court, but Judge Cuestra is running behind. 

We find out that Peter had him put in a meeting with one of his guys to stall him long enough for Diane and Kalinda to get everything they needed. When the guy's phone rings and Judge Cuestra sees it, he realizes that he has been duped by Peter and runs back to the courtroom on a mission to stick it to Diane and Cary. 

Kalinda meets with Detective Prima's former partner who gives her the evidence she needs to get Cary off. 

In the courtroom, Diane moves ahead with the evidence she has, unfortunately, she took the forged email information off Kalinda's computer, and is announcing it to the court as Kalinda walks in. Kalinda had the evidence she needed to get Cary off without the forged email metadata, but Diane presents it (not knowing it has been forged) and along with the legit evidence Kalinda found, Judge Cuestra has no choice but to dismiss Cary's case and apologize to him. 

Cary is estatic and in tears, and goes over to hug Kalinda who is absolutely terrified because of what she did. As she is hugging Cary, her phone rings and Lemond Bishop's number pops up on the screen. 

Alicia is walking to her car and gets a call from Diane, who tells her the good news that Cary is a free man. Alicia lets out a big WOOOO and a sigh of relief. Johnny Elfman is walking to his car and sees her and asks if everyhting is alright. 

Alicia struts over to him and gives him a big kiss and then walks away. 

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The Good Wife Season 6 Episode 11 Quotes

You are asking for a favor Kalinda, I'm asking for one in return.

Lemond Bishop

My whole life i wanted to be one thing - a lawyer and i had it. i had it. I had it figured it out. Get to the top take the cases want, help the people you want. Now, i can't, I can't figure anything out