The Good Wife Season 6 Episode 11 Review: Hail Mary

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WOOOOOO!! Now that was an hour of television.

On The Good Wife Season 6 Episode 11, it was a race against time to dig up evidence to get Cary's case dismissed. On top of that, Alicia prepared for her debate against Frank Prady. 

It was a jam-packed hour that moved so quickly I feel like I need to catch my breath over here. To put it simply, it rocked. It started the year off with a bang and set the stage for a pretty great second half of The Good Wife Season 6.

Earlier this week, we posted The Good Wife midseason report card and I outlined my hopes for 2015. I think the writers may have touched on them all tonight. I'm downright giddy over here!

Okay, I think I've caught my breath enough to really break it down. Let's start with the prison consultant. 

Prison Consultant

Who knew prison consultants existed? The firm shelled out $5,000 to hire a prison consultant for Cary before he went behind bars. As reality set in for Cary, the prison consultant gave him some tips on how to defend himself and stay safe in prison. He also gets an award for being the best wing man, as he called Kalinda and told her to come "make some memories" with Cary. I laughed out loud at almost everything that came out of the prison consultant's mouth. He definitely didn't sugar coat it. While I'm not sure Cary appreciated all he had to say, I sure did. 

Speaking of those memories with Kalinda – she told Cary she wasn't going to disappear. I have to admit the whole "girlfriend" thing threw me off a little bit. I thought Kalinda made it clear they weren't a couple a few episodes back? I guess, as Cary put it, it really is complicated. It's nice to see Kalinda is standing by Cary, but Lana is still out there...

Debate Prep

While Cary was prepping for prison, Alicia was prepping for her debate against Frank Prady. Playing the part of Frank Prady during the mock debate was guest star Chris Elliott, who played a high English professor. It led to Finn being called in to take his place and the two shared some intense chemistry while debating back and forth. It was nice to see Alicia smile while the two debated, and I was pulling for some real romance between the two (well, at least until the last ten seconds, but more on that in a minute). 

Unfortunately for all of us, Peter came in, ruined it and took over for Finn. Alicia took some shots at Governor Florrick as she debated and I have no doubt that she will be fine come debate time. 

Alicia also asked for a favor from Peter to help Cary out, but he said he couldn't help. I rolled my eyes as he told Alicia he couldn't do anything, because we all know he's not a perfect Governor. He did redeem himself, somewhat, stalling Judge Cuestra to allow Diane and Kalinda more time to dig. 

Hail Mary

Spoiler alert: Cary Agos is a free man. That happened quicker than I thought it would, but man do I wish it didn't go down like that. 

After Kalinda found out Cary couldn't have committed the crime he is being sent to jail for, the firm was given six hours to come up with evidence to support their claims. It gave Diane Lockhart a chance to take the lead and she took command at the firm, giving her some great screen time. 

As usual, Kalinda started digging and was able to come up with two possible Brady violations – one was completely legit and another was not. I was bummed to see Kalinda resort to forging information in order to help Cary but, at the same time, it was a pretty deep admission of how much she cares about him.

I hoped that the other evidence would be all they would need but, unfortunately for Kalinda, Diane used the forged information and that – along with the other evidence – forced Judge Cuestra to dismiss Cary's case. 

Kalinda couldn't believe what she watched unfold in the courtroom, and it might be setting up Kalinda's departure from the show. Will the forged information come back to haunt Kalinda and put her behind bars? 

We can't forget about Lemond Bishop, who Kalinda went to early in the episode for a favor for Cary. Nothing comes for free in Bishop's world so Kalinda agreed to do a favor in return. As Cary hugged Kalinda after finding out his case was dismissed, her phone rang and it was time to pay up on that favor. My heart was breaking for Kalinda, who knows she is in over head. Not to mention the favor she needed for Cary, she doesn't actually need anymore. I'm sure that won't stop Bishop from cashing in on his favor. 

Other quick thoughts:

  • Alicia KISSED Johnny Elfman like a boss. As she strutted up to him in the parking garage, I knew it was coming. Good for Alicia. I've been more team Finn when it comes to who Alicia should get involved with, but I'm just happy the writers are giving her some romance. I'm looking forward to seeing how this plays out.
  • Since tonight's episode was entitled "Hail Mary" I wanted to high five CBS for giving us an on-time episode. Heads up to fans though, next week that won't be the case; there is a late afternoon playoff football game. Don't worry though, football season is almost over. We can get through one more week!
  • Alicia is such a mom. All her calls to Cary and Diane while she was supposed to be practicing for her debate were great. I'm glad Eli called upon DIane to make sure the calls stopped!
  • Did anyone else see that Cary's bank account balance was over $250,000?? I didn't know bank balances could actually go that high. Kids, go to law school. 

Did you let out a big WOOOOOO after tonight's episode? What is next for Cary now that he is a free man? What kind of favor do you think Lemond Bishop wants from Kalinda?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and don't forget you can watch The Good Wife online.

Hail Mary Review

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The Good Wife Season 6 Episode 11 Quotes

You are asking for a favor Kalinda, I'm asking for one in return.

Lemond Bishop

My whole life i wanted to be one thing - a lawyer and i had it. i had it. I had it figured it out. Get to the top take the cases want, help the people you want. Now, i can't, I can't figure anything out