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With the trial set to begin, Cary refuses to take the plea deal offered by ADA Pine, so jury selection takes place and the trial begins. 

Judge Richard Cuestra presides over the case, and we see him before court begins on his phone trying to purchase tickets to see Neil Diamond for his wife. 

As the attorneys work through jury selection, Cuestra hurries things along so he can make it to pick up his tickets for the concert in time. 

Alicia, receives a phone call from Jackie, who is at Grace's school and tells Alicia she needs to come down to the school because after the principal found a letter Alicia wrote threatening a PE teacher. The letter was a joke, meant to cheer up Grace when she wasn't feeling well, but the principal takes every threat seriously. 

It's not long until the story is leaked to the press, and Eli and Johnny have another fire to put out for Alicia's campaign. 

ADA Pine is chatting on her phone telling someone that she will not leave him, and it is clear that ADA Pine had an affair. We quickly learn that her witness in Cary's case is the man she had the affair with, and ADA Pine gives the jury reasonable doubt after the witness takes the stand. Castro speaks with Pine and tells her that they need to win the case. She tells the witness she can't be with him anymore, and it looks like her husband has found out the secret. 

As the trial continues, ADA Pine calls Kalinda to the stand, and she doesn't help Cary's case out much. Meanwhile, one of the jurors, Juror 11, continues to ask another juror what is going on, and it appears that he is partially deaf. 

After an anonymous letter is sent to Judge Cuestra, the juror is called into chambers with the attorneys, where they find out he does indeed have an auditory issue and is excused as a juror. He is the only slam dunk juror for the defense, and Cary asks Kalinda for her help, again, as their case is falling apart. 

Kalinda tries to find Donte, one of the witnesses to the night Cary was recorded on the wire tap, and she goes to Bishop to find him. After threatening Bishop by using his son against him, we see the witness appear in court the next day. 

Things are looking up for Cary's trial until Bishop walks in and intimidates the witness, just by his presence, and the witness lies. He leans in and tells Kalinda to never threaten him again. 

ADA Pine has a new plea deal for Cary - testify against Bishop, and he gets off with six months probation. When Cary refuses, she offers one final plea, four years in jail, in exchange for a guilty plea. Cary begins to breakdown as he talks things over with Diane and Kalinda and steps outside to get some air. 

As he walks around outside, Bishop's SUV pulls up beside him and asks Cary to chat. He offers Cary the opportunity to leave town and work for Bishop, but he would never be able to return. Cary refuses, citing the fact that the firm put up his 1.3 in bail money and would lose it if he left town. 

Cary meets up with Alicia at their law offices, and the two share an emotional moment discussing Cary taking the plea. Alicia tells him to fight, but Cary, knowing it is over, asks Alicia to visit him in jail. She says she will.

In the final scene, the judge asks Cary if he is changing his plea and he tells the judge he is and that he would like to plead guilty. 

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