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As the episode opens we are told that they filmed the episode prior to the verdict coming down in Ferguson. We see a man videotaping himself being arrested and then killed by two cops. We find out that the trial of the two cops who killed this man will be handed over to the jury shortly. 

Alicia is backstage at the debate with twenty minutes to go before they go live. Eli is prepping her, her stylist is making last minute changes to her wardrobe, and her bodywoman has her phone with an important call. Alicia takes it and it is Neil Gross, a client, who is unhappy with how his divorce case is being handled by Alicia's firm. Alicia isn't there, and Neil doesn't know any of the faces at the law firm anymore. She tells him she will look into it and get back to him. 

Alicia calls Diane and tells her to check in on the case with lawyer Evan. Diane finds out Evan promised David Lee, who is representing Gross' soon to be ex-wife that they would settle for $30 million. It gets ugly, pictures of both found cheating are found, and in the end, we find that Evan has recently softended up and is more sympathetic. This ends up costing the firm the case, as Gross fires them. 

Diane and Cary talk about what needs to be done, and they find David Lee in a parking lot and offer him a job at the firm. He laughs at them. 

Meanwhile, Peter has a potential riot on his hands after the verdict comes down. He meets with Pastor Jeremiah and discusses the riot and how to handle it. 

We get closer to the debate and Elfman gets word that one of the reporters has photos of Peter and Ramona and it will be the first question that he asks her. Chris Matthews, introduces himself to Alicia as they prep to get on stage.

Frank Prady and his campaign manager are on the other side of the stage going over last minute key points and how to address each other on stage. 

Eli decides he needs to be with Peter and heads off to get to where he is. With the debate only moments away, everyone gets in their places and Elfman and other staffers bicker over how Alicia should handle the question about the affair. Alicia tells them both to shush, and then she is introduced and walks on stage. 

As the beginning comments start, Alicia freezes and stares at the clock counting down how much longer she can speak. Chris Matthews cuts her off. Eli calls Elfman and is not happy with how things are going.

Meanwhile, Peter not only meets with Pastor Jeremiah, but his son, Pastor Isaiah, who are not close. They debate how to handle the riots and in the end Pastor Isaiah agrees with Peter on how the riot talks should be handled. Peter heads down to where the riot is being held. 

Back in the debate, the reporter starts to ask Alicia about Peter's affair, but Alicia abruptly cuts him off and goes off on him, telling him that what Peter does not at all matter in how she will run, and that her daughter is in the audience and she wants to address it for her. The reporter gets defensive, but she continues. 

Chris Matthews asks Prady if he has a rebuttal, and all is says is that the media owes Alicia and apology.

Eli and Peter are watching television when the verdict comes down that the two police officers were found innocent. Back at the debate, Chris Matthews gets word of this, and cuts Alicia off, saying that they are cutting into coverage of the debate to go live with the verdict. This prompts Alicia to go hunt out some food, which her staff said she couldn't have before the debate. 

After the debate is paused, Alicia talks to Elfman about the kiss they shared. She tells him that it meant nothing to her, that she was just in a mood after finding out about Cary, but it is clear that Elfman really has developed feelings for her. He gets very awkward, can't look at her, and she walks away.

She goes into the kitchen, grabs a loaf of bread and a cheese tray and digs in. Frank Prady is not far behind and the two begin to eat and chat. They decide to debate themselves, off screen, since it seems like they are on the same side of things for so many issues, so they decide to find out where they are differ. 

Their off-screen debate starts to draw some followers - staff, etc...and soon it is a riveting discussion, one that Alicia is clearly winning. Elfman  comes in to pull Alicia aside and tell her to stop, but she doesn't listen. At first, Elfman tells a man videotaping the debate to stop, but then eventually, as Alicia really starts to hammer home her points, tells him he can tape. In the end, everyone claps for Alicia and she has clearly won the off-screen debate. 

Riots start to break out following the verdict and Peter decides to address it. Before he can do that though, Ramona appears, and Eli is quick to want her gone, so they don't perpetuate rumors, but Peter says he just needs a few minutes with her. After some time, Eli knocks on the window and out comes Ramona on one side and Peter on the other. Ramona is clearly upset and in tears, and Eli asks her waht happened. She said that Peter said goodbye, and now she is saying goodbye. 

Peter meets Deirdre, the wife of the man who died, and together they walk down the road and up on steps to face the rioters. She tells the rioters to stop what they are doing, that it is not what her husband would want. 

Back at the debate, Prady tells them he does not want to continue, that there are more important things to cover and walks away from the debate tonight. Elfman sees this as a mistake and tells Alicia to get on the stage and tell people that she is waiting for Prady. She agrees to. 

Once she is finished over at the debate, she heads back to the office, and finds David Lee sitting in her office. He tells her that he is back and is now working with her. Alicia heads right across the way to Diane's office and asks why David Lee is brought back and she was not a part of the discussion. Cary and Diane tell her that they called her but they needed to make a decision. Alicia is angry and tells them she is a named partner and needs to be included in these discussions. Diane shoots back that none of the other partners were consulted when Alicia decided to run for State's Attorney. She tells her that Alicia's reasons for running are no longer valid and wants to know why she is running.

Alicia says that she is running because she can win and walks out. Elfman is waiting in her office to game plan their next move, and a confident Alicia tells him that she is going to win. 


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