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We pick up right where we left off, in court with Cary's bail restrictions being changed. Finn pushes for a later trial start date, but Diane is successful in moving ahead with the original start date.

Finn does some digging around and finds out some damaging evidence against Cary. As it plays out, it looks like Cary was ordered by Peter to take out evidence that ended up disappearing. The only one who can help Cary's case is Trey Wagner, the witness who disappeared a few episodes back. Unfortunately for Cary, he was hit by a car and killed. 

Meanwhile, as Peter is being interviewed by Frank Prady, Eli picks up on the fact that Prady may be looking to run for State's Attorney. To get information, Alicia is asked to get his endorsement, but he doesn't give it to her and invites her on his show. She falters while being interviewed. 

Johnny Elfman and Eli tell Alicia she doesn't stand a chance if Prady runs, so they try to release a piece he wrote that could hurt his run. In the end, it only propels him to be empowered to change political corruption and he tells Alicia he is running. She calls him a hypocrite and wishes him well in his run. 

Peter, after looking bad himself on Prady's show, decides he needs to hire new counsel. He chooses Ramona, mom of the infamous intern. She is following in Alicia's footsteps, getting into law after raising her children for many years. 

Finn, who finally figures out that Cary's case is a play to get at Alicia, resigns from his position. 

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The Good Wife Season 6 Episode 7 Quotes

Alicia you're not writing a poem, you're practicing politics.


30 feet, Cary!