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As The Good Wife Season 6 Episode 8 opens, Elfman is conducting a political focus group as Alicia dives into her campaign for State's Attorney. Focus group members go back and forth throughout the episode on whether or not they would vote for Alicia and their thoughts on her. 

Early on Alicia sees video of one member of the focus group calling Alicia entitled and obsessed with herself. It compels her to meet up with Finn at his new law office and get his thoughts on it. He encourages her to volunteer, like he does at a food pantry. 

Alicia volunteers and while cleaning a pot, and talking on her phone, someone snaps her photo and it becomes a big story that poses Alicia in a negative light. 

To try and turn the situation around, Eli and Elfman set up a photo opportunity at the food pantry where Alicia is helping to give out food and is hugging those at the pantry. 

This boosts Alicia's focus group numbers and Alicia agrees to let run things and trust her when it comes to the campaign. 

In between her photo opportunities and volunteer work, Alicia takes on a case brought to her by her brother, Owen. One of his students alleged rape and instead of pressing charges, took it to her school disciplinary committee to have him expelled from school. Alicia serves as her silent advocate, although not too silently, as she is continually warned by those overseeing the hearing. Alicia turns to texting her client to help her out. 

When things don't go the way Alicia wants, she files a lawsuit against the school for their failure to allow due process. 

In court, Alicia goes up against Canning, who enters the courtroom in a wheel chair, with an oxygen mask by his side. He plays the "sick" card (although he really is) to the judge and the judge allows the case to be expedited. 

Kalinda finds a rape wall at the school with sixty names of females who alleged rape, and Alicia decides to file a class action suit with all the women who alleged rape. 

Canning, who doesn't want this to go to trial, finds a way for the rapist to be expelled from school which is all Alicia's client wanted, so she walks away from the class action suit. 

Canning tells Alicia he is dying, and wants her to go visit his wife after he passes away. 

Meanwhile, Kalinda gets a call from Lemond Bishop, who has been tracking her moves and knows she has been with Lana Delaney. Bishop believes Delaney is working against Bishop and asks Kalinda to find out more information. Lana gets a phone call and goes in to the bathroom and as Kalinda eavesdrops, we hear Bishop's name mentioned. 

While Kalinda tries to convice Bishop Delaney is not working against him, Bishop doesn't believe her and asks her to plant a white card in her wallet. 

Kalinda grabs her wallet after Delaney falls asleep, but instead of putting the card in her wallet she ends up snapping in two!

The conversation Cary had with the informants working for Bishop finally is heard, and Cary decides he has to testify as a witness in his case. To prepare for the case, Diane calls on Viola Walsh to help cross examine Cary and she is able to really discredit him as a witness. 

Cary realizes Kalinda and their relationship is a reason why he can't focus, and after he sees Kalinda kissing Delaney in a parking garage, he confronts Kalinda (breaking the 30 feet rule) and asks about their relationship. He tells Kalinda he doesn't want to be with anyone else, but Kalinda tells him that she does. 

Cary says, that settles that and he is able to focus on his case and be the witness Diane needs. 

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