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As Alicia moves forward in her campaign, Johnny Elfman gets her an interview with Pastor Jeremiah, a very religious man who has a lot of questions for Alicia about her atheism. 

As usual, Alicia turns to her daughter Grace to help her deal with her struggles and the two share another great mother/daughter moment. The interview plays out well for Alicia, who pretends she is someone else so she looks good on camera. 

Diane moves ahead with her plans to evict Lockhart Gardner & Canning from their office space, and despite some potential OSHA violations on their current space at Florrick Agos Lockhart & Associates and a clause in the original lease, Diane manages to get them evicted and Alicia and Diane move into the space. 

Alicia emotionally takes her seat in Will's old desk. 

The case focused around economic espionage of Alicia's client from last week and she teamed up with Elsbeth to take on AUSA Josh Perotti. Using Perotti's affection for Elsbeth to their advantage, Perotti was thrown off his game in the courtroom, and later ended up sleeping with Elsbeth on her desk. 

Thanks to some detective work by Kalinda, Elsbeth turned over an invoice that would win the case for their client and in the end the case is dismissed and Perotti is headed back to Washington DC. 

Cary, with the stress of his impending trial weighing on him, takes the day off from work and gets drunk and picks up a woman at a bar. As he makes his way home, he finds Joy Grubick, the pre-trial service officer assigned to him. She performs a spot check and finds out that Cary was in violation of his bail terms crossing state lines into Indiana. He ends up in court and while Grubick testifies that his violation was inadvertent, she recommends he wear an ankle bracelet, have a 9pm curfew and cannot have any contact with Kalinda Sharma. 


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I'm wearing Old Spice.

Josh Perotti

These political rules keep changing whenever you want them to.