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As the campaign season moved forward, Elfman and Josh worked on editing campaign videos for Alicia. They wanted to hit Prady with some negative ads, but Alicia refused to.

Prady showed up at Alicia's office and handed her a taped blue box. Inside, he said was oppo research that his campaign wanted to use against Alicia, but he would not do it. He asked Alicia if they could run a fair campaign. When Alicia asked him why, he said he wasn't a martyr, but felt he could win a fair fight. 

Prady gave Alicia his personal cell phone number that no one else knew, and they chatted back and forth a few times discussing videos that ended up being leaked by each other their campaign teams. 

Alicia went back and forth on whether or not to look in the box, but ultimately gave in and found incriminating photos of Peter and Ramona. She took the pictures to Peter and while he denied everything, Alicia didn't buy it and told him he needed to zip up, shut up and stop banging the help. She wasn't going to stand by him again if another affair was leaked to the press. 

The affair was indeed true. Ramona cried to Peter that she should resign, but Peter refused to let her and kissed her. 

Alicia met Finn, late night again, in his office, and they got close. Before it could lead to anything physical, Alicia quickly got up and left. Finn clearly wants more, and told Alicia things could be simple if she wanted them to be. 

Meanwhile, the feds came to Cary to play a wire tap where Bishop calls for Cary to be murdered. Lana encourages Cary to help them, but Cary, still burned by Kalinda and Lana's relationship, quickly dismissed it, thinking the tape was fake. After Kalinda received some help from a friend, they found the tape was indeed real. 

As Kalinda called Cary to let him know, Cary had already gone to meet Bishop face to face. Bishop did say the wire tap was true, but said he talks the good talk and didn't really mean it. He told Cary not to hurt him and he wouldn't hurt Cary. 

As the episode wraps up, Lana's boss calls her in and asks her to answer some questions, since the wire tap was leaked! 

The Good Wife
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The Good Wife Season 6 Episode 9 Quotes

I want to do this differently. I want to not pound you into submission, and I want you to not pound me.

Frank Prady

A little hint for you the next time you do this, don't have the woman sleeping with my girlfriend break it to me.