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As the episode opens we see Bernard (a fictitional television character) choking a woman tightly. She begs him not to kill her put he pulls tighter and she falls to the bed, dead. Diane Lockhart pauses it and we are in the courtroom, where she asks the witness if he produced the show. 

The actor clearly looks and sounds similar to Colin Sweeney, and the television character has all the similarities of Colin Sweeney's life. Diane is suing the studio for defamation of character. It's clear Diane is not making much headway, which promptly Colin Sweeney to text Alicia that he needs her. 

Alicia is in a hotel room when Frank Prady knocks on her door. He brings her a robo call, sent by her PAC that puts Prady in a bad light with regards to the gay community. She assures Frank she had no clue about it, and he believes her but wanted to bring it to her attention. 

During their discussion Prady gets a call from Redmayne. 

John assures Alicia that the campaign hasn't sent out any robo calls. Josh confirms. As they chat, Marissa walks in but Josh tells her the adults are talking and to leave. Alicia wants her to say and she presses the two about the PAC. She brings up a twitter handle that tweeted out numbers last night that was used by the campaign before. The numbers offered insight as to where Alicia may be weak, and prompted the PAC to send out the calls. Alicia tells John to make them stop. 

She finds out that while she is within the margin of error on the polls, Prady has an influx of campaign cash helping him. Alicia asks who Redmayne was - a very large donor, and Josh says they are screwed. 

Back in court, Cary is questioning the actor who played Bernard (who has quite a striking resemblance to Colin Sweeney). Kalinda walks in and hands Diane the casting tape. Her phone rings and it is Lemond Bishop. She walks out of the courtroom and answers. He tells Kalinda it's time to cash in that favor she owes him. 

As Cary continues to question the witness, the witness tells the court he created an original character and was never directed to act like Colin Sweeney. Cary plays the casting video where the producer specifically tells the actor to do the line more like Colin Sweeney. The witness tries to back peddle, but it's clear what Cary has done. 

The prosecutor tries asks the witness if he was instructed to act like any other killers and while at first he doesn't understand what she is saying, says yes to discredit what Cary just brought to the court.

Sweeney once again reaches for his phone and texts Alicia.

Back at her office Marissa is briefing her on what else she has to do, when Alicia walks into her office to find Colin Sweeney. Colin tells her that she promised him ten months ago she would take on this case and win it for him. She tells him that isn't true that she told him defamation is hard to prove and he should drop it, but if he kept going that they would fight for him. Colin reminds her that she said that SHE would fight for him, and she is not there. 

Colin threatens her that if she doesn't take the case back on that he will go to the press and tell them who funds her PAC. She tells him that she will consult on the case but that she will not appear in court and that is the best she can do. 

Lemond Bishop is waiting outside in the rain for Kalinda. She walks up and he tells her that she needs to pick up someone at 3pm everyday for the next two weeks. She says she isn't much of a bodyguard but that she can hire one. He tells her that he needs someone that doesn't look like a bodyguard and she will be picking up his son, Dylan - the most important thing to Bishop. 

In court, Diane and Cary hand the judge an original casting list for the show, which calls out Colin's name his wife and the detective who was on his murder case. It clearly shows that they were trying to defame Colin. 

The judge agrees with Diane and Cary and tells the other attorney that he believe Colin was defamed. The judge asks if there is anything further and the other attorney tells her that it was not defamation of character because Colin killed his wife. Cary reminds her that Colin was found not guilty by his peers, but she says that criminal court is higher. The judge asks if she is ready to prove Colin Sweeney killed his wife and she says that she is. He says they will meet this afternoon to hear her case. 

Josh and John are filling Alicia in on who Redmayne is. They have set up a meeting with him at 4pm and need to brush up her 
"asking" skills. Alicia stumbles and they tell her to own it, don't just ask for money, make them feel like their money is weighing them down and he needs to give it to her to be a part of something bigger. 

Back in court, they continue showing more of the scene from the television show. The defense has brought the detective up to the witness stand and asks how accurate the scene was. He said he worked the case and it's accurate. They even play the original 911 call Colin Sweeney made when his wife went missing and it is identical to what they aired on the television show. 

Diane asks if the detective has an axe to grind with Colin Sweeney since he has been turned down so many times before in court. Before the detective can answer, the defense asks for a sidebar and tells the judge that Cary and Diane are about to introduce evidence of emails that quote the detective saying that he would eventually get Sweeney, but that those emails were obtained illegally. Cary and Diane can't figure out who knew about the emails and call Kalinda to see if anyone else knew about it, but she says no one did. 

Kalinda is driving Dylan home. Dylan, being a typical teenager, tells her that it is illegal to talk on the phone. She asks for silence and then notices a black SUV is following them, she tries to take couple turns and the SUV follows her. Finally, they pull over and the SUV passes her and Kalinda calls in to check on the license plate. While she is on hold, Dylan tells her that someone at school keeps telling him that his Dad killed his Mom. 

Colin Sweeney is ranting to Alicia that someone is undercutting his defense but Alicia doesn't seem into it. Colin asks her if she trusts Cary Agos which she does. She asks how long he has been married to his new wife, Renata (who has taken quite a liking to Marissa - they are very chatty), and she asks a few questions about his seat on the board. 

Kalinda drops Dylan off and Lemond tells his son to go do his homework after hugging him. Lemond asks Kalinda what Dylan said in the car and that part of her job is reporting that back to him. She tells him everything but the part about Mike and it's clear Lemond suspects there might be more.

Alicia meets with Redmayne and he asks her to cut right to the chase. She talks about cutting the murder rate and prosecuting quicker, but Redmayne wants to know about her family values and asks how long she has been married - after putting his hand on her knee. They joke and Alicia asks if he will support her and he contributes one million in dark money. 

She asks why and he tells her it is because he doesn't like Prady because he is gay. Alicia tries to tell him that Prady was married and is not gay, but Redmayne does not back down. Alicia looks stunned. 

Back in court the trial continues with the defense calling up Renata, Sweeney's wife. Diane tries to get her removed based on marital communications, but the judge allows it - and she looks angry. They replay the clip of Sweeney dumping the body on the television show and the defense asks if Colin told her they buried the gloves shown in the scene. She tells the court yes. 

Outside of court Cary and Diane tell Colin to tell them he was joking when he said that, and he does, but says he needs to speak with Alicia. He talks to her about perjury and she walks him through the right way to respond to questions. 

Kalinda pulls up to Dylan's school to pick him up again. She notices he is arguing with a boy who punches him. She gets out of the car and threatens the boy. As they drive home Dylan tells her to please not say anything to his Dad about it because it will just cause trouble. She notices the black SUV following them again. 

In court, Colin is now on the stand and being questioned about his sexual history and what he likes. He is cautious on the stand and works his way around questioning. He talks about wanting to dominate and that he won't apologize for his sexual behavior. It clearly riles up his wife in a sexual way. 

Kalinda is driving and receives a phone call from Lemond. He tells her that he needs to see her right now and that they will discuss it when she gets there. She looks worried.

Prady is meeting with Redmayne now . Redmayne jumps right into talking about how hot Alicia is and how he wants an hour in the sack with her. It clearly makes Prady uncomfortable and he wants to focus on the issues. Prady asks if it was a test and he walks out of the room. Redmayne tells his daughter that he was right, and that Prady is gay. 

Colin and his wife are getting close in the office and Alicia walks in and asks for a moment with Colin. Alicia asks if he can switch gears and get emotional in the courtoom and Colin puts on quite a scene talking about how much he misses his wife and how he didn't kill her and the world needs to stop being told he is a murderer.

At Bishop's house, Lemond tells Kalinda his son has as black eye. Lemond digs into Kalinda until she admits it was All-American Mike who gave him the black eye. She tells him that she took care of it, but he is angry and tells her to leave. She walks out but then turns around and comes back. He is on the phone with Mike's father and tells him that his son has been bullying Dylan and it needs to stop. Bishop tells Kalinda that the only thing he is proud of in his life is Dylan. 

Back in court, the attorney's are arguing and the judge denies Diane's motion to dismiss this case. They need something more. Alicia and Diane are chatting on the phone and Alicia works through the television show more closely to come up with something. She notices the chumhum logo up on the screen on a few occasions and calls in the defense attorney and tells her they will sue her for $50 million for using the chumhum brand without knowledge. Or, they can just settle this case with Colin Sweeney. 

Prady walks into Alicia's office and tells her he heard that Redmayne is going to back Alicia. She tells him its part of the game, and sometimes it happens. He thanks her for taking the robo calls down, and comments that campaigning is lonely, and the only person who can understand that besides him is her. 

At home, Alicia is drinking wine and Grace walks in. She tells Alicia that she couldn't do anything bad because she is the best person she knows, which prompts Alicia to breakdown as the episode ends. 





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The Good Wife Season 6 Episode 13 Quotes

Ok, This is what I need. Use your decoder ring and your West Wing tweets to tell the PAC to stop these homophobic robo calls.


Alicia: I had no knowledge of this.
Frank Prady: I didn’t think you did. That is why I have brought that knowledge to you.