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A client comes to Lucca and Alicia. Maggie Possum is being verbally harassed by APY Collections for a student loan debt she’s already paid. They’ve even called and threatened to come to her home or call her workplace and her neighbors. Jason figures out that she’s been scammed. She was left a voicemail giving her a new address to send her checks but the address is not to APY Collections.

Grace is concerned about the new firms lack of money and encourages Alicia to charge more or find more lucrative cases. 

Alicia looks into the Maggie’s school, Coliseum University. It’s a for-profit school that has been under investigation several times by the Attorney General’s office. Due to Colliseum’s student contract, they have to to go into arbitration. Coliseum’s defense is that they are a business first and a school second. The Arbitrator encourages Alicia and Lucca to focus on how Coliseum lied to it’s clients and not how it shortchanged its students on an education. 

Jason finds that the school targets Veterans because they are able to get GI and Federal loans but when Maggie’s poor attendance is brought into play, the case starts to fall apart. When Eli overhears that they can’t do a class action suit due to the student contract, he suggests a debt strike. 350 students threaten not to pay their debt to the college. When Alicia and Lucca mention that this will hurt the deal the school has to be bought out, the school counter sues. But Alicia and Lucca get the shareholders, who stock price is falling to threaten the school with a suit and they come to a settlement. 

Alicia tracks down the scam artist stealing the students money and persuades him to give back Maggie’s $8,000 while carrying a tire iron. 

Cary goes to visit Mr. Ericsson. the head of the Food and Commercial Service Union who is Howard’s new big client. When the secretary removes all of the valuables from the room, Cary realizes that Howard told them that he had been in prison. He’s furious and he and Howard argue. Howard threatens to sue the firm for ageism. Howard want in house mediation or else he will sue. In mediation, Howard claims that the younger associates are harassing him because of Cary. The entires firm takes an age sensitivity class where they have to stick cotton balls up their nose, where shaded glasses, and walk with popcorn seeds on their shoes to simulate what it’s like to be 80 years old. 

Marisa visits Eli and realizes that he’s sticking around the campaign in the hopes that Peter will ask him back.  It may be working when Peter’s latest interview has the media panning him but then Ruth shows him that his poll numbers are rising and Eli is dejected.

Marisa asks Alicia to fire her father so that he will take on a big campaign in Israel because she knows he’ll never leave on his own. He’s too obsessed with Peter. Alicia tries to fire Peter but he sees right through it. Peter later faces backlash with the Unions when Alicia’s debt strike case is leaked to the press. 

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The Good Wife Season 7 Episode 5 Quotes

You do zero, Howard. You sit around with your pants down, literally!


In order to sue somebody you'd have to know how.