The Good Wife Season 7 Episode 5 Review: Payback

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The cost of higher learning got even more expensive on The Good Wife Season 7 Episode 5 as a con artist made off with thousands, and the school cared more about profit than education.

Perhaps the real education here was in not being scammed by either a school or a shady voice mail message. All the way around it was pretty sad. Coliseum University only cared about making a profit, and many of the students ended up worse than when they began. 

One of the best scenes was when Jason called Bob Bondi at home and used the same tactics that Bob had used with Maggie. Let’s see how tough Bob is when Jason comes to his door. 

Speaking of Jason Crause, I’m still not sure what to make of him. No doubt he’s a great investigator, but just how aggressive does he get? As happy as I was to see Maggie and some of the others get their money back, it would have been better if the scam artist was arrested for mail fraud, a Federal charge, because he used the US Postal Service to gather those checks.

A lot of cons want you to use FedEX or UPS or some other private service just to avoid the risk of doing Federal time. 

But I was left to wonder if that tire iron was simply there to make Jason appear more persuasive or if it was actually used.

Once again, I enjoyed Grace this week. She’s always been such a responsible kid, and that hasn't changed. I liked that she was interested in the business and realized how difficult it was to make ends meet. I wonder if Zack is getting even a fraction of that type of education while he’s off at college.

As happy as I was to see Marisa, she overstepped her role in asking Alicia to fire Eli. I was surprised by how easily Alicia went along with it. At least Eli was smart enough to see right through the ploy.

However, I will say that Eli has become obsessed with Peter. If he’s not desperately looking for a way to become Peter’s right hand man again, then he’s trying to figure out how to take Ruth and Peter down. It may not be healthy for Eli but it sure is fun to watch. 

And then there was Howard.

Did Howard plant those adult diapers to help make his point? I don’t know but I certainly think it’s possible. My favorite moment was the mediation that supplied this The Good Wife quote

Cary: And I've heard you more than once joke about the pole stuck up Diane's ass.
Diane: Excuse me?

Yes, everyone at Lockart, Agos, and Lee has been fair game at one time or another, and although I’m not against sensitivity training per se, I couldn’t believe an entire room full of supposedly smart people stuck cotton balls up their nose. Seriously folks, just say no. 

Will the feud between Howard and Cary continue? Will Eli keep trying to take down Peter’s campaign? How much will Alicia and Jason have to drink?

Check back later this week to see what our The Good Wife Round Table Team has to say and then next Sunday for our review of The Good Wife Season 7 Episode 6. If you can’t wait until then, you can watch The Good Wife online here at TV Fanatic.

Payback Review

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