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Diane and Alicia fight a case where a doctor sues his neighbor for flying her neighborhood security drone over his home, scaring aways he patients. The judge says that the drone is a part of Ms. Hamm’s first amendment rights and sides with her. The doctor shoots the drone out of the sky and Ms. Hamm countersues for the drone which is an $80,000 prototype. 

Alicia and Diane argue that the doctor feared for his safety and had the right to shoot down the drone but the judge says he didn’t have the right to do that. Later the doctor uses a “drone dropper” to force the drone to land and returned it unharmed but the law is a grey area on whether this is legal or not. 

Peter drops by Alicia’s apartment while she’s out and finds Jason in his underwear. Peter knocks the coffee cup out of Jason’s hand and reminds him that he and Alicia are still married. Jason leaves and later wants to break things off with Alicia. 

Alicia tells Peter she wants a divorce. Later, Peter tells her he won’t fight it but asks her to not make it public until after he gets through his latest legal battle. 

Assistant US Attorney Fox threatens Marisa. Either Eli testifies against Peter or he will force her to testify against her father. He has an incriminating phone conversation recorded between Eli and Marisa. Turns out they tapped Marisa’s phone. 

Eli hires Diane as his attorney. They tell Fox that if they pursue charges against Eli, he will plead guilty which would make his daughter’s testimony moot but if Eli is convicted, then he’s useless to them in court against Peter. 

Cary is gets a subpoena to testify in Federal Court against Peter. 

Diane and Cary move Howard to an office on the 27th floor to make space for Alicia. David Lee sees it as Diane’s next step in creating an all female firm. Diane wants Alicia to become a named partner but Cary and David Lee block her. Later, David Lee cuts a deal with Diane and Alicia is made a named partner. Cary tells Alicia that he’s tired of working at the firm and having to look over his shoulder all the time and quits. 

The Good Wife
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The Good Wife Season 7 Episode 18 Quotes

Peter: I should kick your ass.
Jason: You could try. And then what?

Alicia: I don't want you to feel like you're doing wrong when you're with me.
Jason: Yeah, you do.