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Harry Dargis’ daughter is killed by a stray bullet in her own home while eating ice cream with her father at their kitchen table. He rents billboard space accusing the gun shop that sold the gun, Gloria’s Gun Shop, of murder. Diane and Cary are defending his right to keep the billboard up. The judge rules that the billboard is defamatory and must be taken down. 

The judge wants both parties to come back with arguments concerning damages. Cary and Diane counter sue, stating that Harry’s motel has suffered major losses because so many Gloria’s Guns’ guns are used in violent crimes in the neighborhood. 

Cary is suspicious when Diane asks Lucca to take over the cross examination in court. Judge Abernathy still feels that there’s not enough proof to rule in Harry’s favor but Jason comes up with several other business owners in the area who also feel that Gloria’s Gun shop has impacted their profits. 

The judge still feels there isn’t enough evidence and rules in favor of Gloria’s Guns but says that Harry must pay only ten cents per day in damages if he keeps the billboard up. 

Eli listens in through the vent in the bathroom when Lloyd Garber testifies for the grand jury. Lloyd says that Peter promised he had nothing to worry about when his son was being accused of murder. A grand jury member finds it odd that Lloyd remembers exactly what the prosecution needs him to in order to make Peter look guilty. 

The grand jury is calling Alicia to testify and instead of invoking spousal privilege, she answers questions and makes it sound as though Lloyd Garber has memory issues but the prosecutor calls Lloyd back in. This time Eli can’t get into the bathroom to listen. 

Grace doesn’t get into the college of her choice because they think she plagiarized her admittance essay because their software picked out themes they believed were plagiarized. Turns out the software that the college uses to flag stolen content flagged a passage from the Sermon on the Mount that Grace used. The college admissions director refuses to change their decision. Alicia threatens to sue. 

Alicia shows that the software company didn’t have the intellectual property rights to use the 750,000 comparable essays they claim to use and she threatens the school with a class action suit. They relent and admit Grace. Grace tells Alicia she plans to become a lawyer. 

Diane and Alicia meet for dinner where she sees Jason across the room kissing a beautiful blonde woman. Alicia confides in Lucca who confronts Jason who goes to Alicia to explain that the woman was an old friend from New York. Alicia tells him that he doesn’t have to explain. They haven’t made any commitments and she’s the one who is married. Then she tells him to kiss her. 

Diane gives Lucca her own office. Cary asks Alicia if Diane talked to her about pushing him out to make the firm all female. Alicia tells him no. 

The Good Wife
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The Good Wife Season 7 Episode 17 Quotes

Alicia: I have issues on this front. Husbands who screw around, who lie, who leave me in tears.
Lucca: You're not in tears now.

Oh my God! My family needs a full time investigator. That's not normal, is it?