Mother and Daughter - The Good Witch
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Sam and Nick move into Grey House with Cassie and Grace. Sam's disappointed Nick didn't apply to college, but Cassie assures him she can use her new stepmother wiles to encourage him to do the right thing.

While going through her mementos, Cassie finds a wedding book of her great great grandparents who carved their initials into the Forever Tree so their love would be everlasting. The tree is lost for the ages, but Cassie believes it will be found when the time is right.

While getting the wedding together, Stephanie and Abigail bicker over whether the food or the flowers are more important.

Liam left Stephanie for his ex-wife. Abigail's boyfriend, Phil, moved to Portland.

Martha wants her job back. She wants the Blairsville town line nonsense fixed so she can return to normal.

Nick meets Lindsay in the stables. She's probably a college student and that will make Nick rethink his strategy not to go.

Lindsay is interested in video games and has even named her horse, Starfire, after one of the characters. Nick is smitten.

There is a new horse that nobody can get near, but that might change once Grace sets her sight on him. He walks right over to Grace in greeting. Lindsay screams to get back and the horse rears. Sam makes sure Grace is OK. She's more worried that the horse isn't OK.

Cassie's foster brother, Vincent, shows up for the wedding. Sam greets him dubiously since he's not been around the past ten years. Cassie can't be deterred, and Grace is excited.

Sam continues to be leery, picking on the man for his absence.

Vincent gives to Sam a Lolly Drum from New Guinea. It's used to call family, and Sam thought he could use it to call his new family.

Vincent gives to Cassie a necklace made of black pearls he found while swimming somewhere else. 

Cassie's stories inspired Vincent to take up sailing, and now he's in charge of a billionaire's entire fleet.

Sam really doesn't like Vincent, even leaving the room to "check in with the office."

He's worried Cassie is going to get disappointed by Vincent again, but Cassie wants him to give Vincent a chance.

Stephanie visits Mr. Langer at the hospital with a hot coffee and a maple bacon donut. There's a hot new guy standing in the doorway. He's the hospital chaplain. 

Sam's parents arrive, and they greet Cassie warmly. What a good looking couple. Maybe they'll move next door! They came in from Minnesota.

Dad already wants to fix a dead sprinkler head outside. Mom is warm and welcoming considering Cassie family out of the gate.

At the bistro, Stephanie has melted Cassie on the cake topper. The flowers didn't get on the truck. Things are going awry.

Grace begins to think things are going to continue to go wrong.

Martha is finding the updated her, Martha 2.0.

The Radford men are getting their suits sized. Nick isn't pleased when Grandpa gives Nick the advice that if college isn't in his future to find what is so he can be happy.

Grace looks like a goddess in her gown for the wedding. Stephanie and Abigail are wearing the same dress. They have more in common than they think.

Grace gives Vincent Elvis the Elephant. She once gave it to Vincent, but he put it in her suitcase when she went to college. She was the only one who ever believed in Vincent.

Stephanie inquires after Adam with Martha who tries to warn her away because Martha thinks Stephanie may be reaching for the stars. How rude!

Sam is looking for the forever tree. He gets some advice from George who thinks the tree might have been cleared when the chapel in the same area got razed.

Sam's dad's name is Jonathan. I'm still not sure of his mother's. She gives them advice: never stop doing the little things.

Nick learns how to groom a horse from Lindsay. When she asks about college, he lies. That Cassie is good!

Abigail delivers to Cassie the mockup bouquet. Cassie loves it. Stephanie says maybe the man of her dreams is right outside the door. Abigail finds a fellow illegally parked revving his motorcycle. He taunts her with refernce to the Blairsville mayor not caring about his noise. Their hands touch. Everyone's getting a new love interest!

Cassie walks in on Grace just after she finds a drawing on the wall that says "daddy and me." Maybe Grace isn't as happy about the wedding as she let on.

George and Jonathan connect over fixing the house. Sam wonders if his parents are arguing. Jonathan barely looked at Mrs. Radford. He says he knows what she looks like.

Grace is talking to Vincent about family. Abigail steps in and meets Vincent. On her way out, she walks by Adam who is getting 12 cups of OJ for the kids on his baseball team. That impresses Stephanie. She says she just loves baseball. She's trying to find ways to connect but worrying about the mismatched socks comment from Martha.

George interrupts Cassie and Sam because he has an old Middleton map to show to Sam. Vincent sees it, impressed with the map. He invites himself on the discovery expedition with Sam who feigns delight.

Nick is worrying about early decision to colleges. He's five months too late to get early admission. Grace tells him to be honest.

The woods are still plentiful. The two men connect because Vincent feels about sailing like Sam does about surgery. Vincent shares that he stayed away because he wanted Cassie to be proud of him when they finally reunited.

Abigail is eating Cassie's pie. She's ready to resign from her mayorship, but she isn't ready to give Martha the satisfaction.

Jennifer is Sam's mom's name! Finally.

There is a return of the fireflies coming, and Jennifer wants to go. Jonathan gets talked into going with her. 

Nick connects with Lindsay and asks her to dessert.

Vincent is talking on the phone with a guy named John. He's urging him that they go back a long time, but OK, he'll leave the keys with the harbor master.

Abigail discovers the mayor of Blairsville is the motorcycle fella. Mayor Davenport. Donovan Davenport. He thinks Martha is a formidable political opponent who he doesn't want to return to office. He doesn't consider Abigail threatening.

When Grace and Cassie get Cassie's dress, a feeling of dread comes over Cassie. They open the bag -- her dress has been eaten by moths.



Good Witch
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Good Witch Season 5 Episode 1 Quotes

Sam: So you're going to get him to take college more seriously by promising not to talk about college.
Cassie: [nods]
Sam: Interesting strategy.
Cassie: You don't always need to talk to get someone to listen.

Cassie: Most people believe that the tree has been lost for the ages.
Sam: What do you believe?
Cassie: When the time is right that the Forever Tree will reveal itself.