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Sam is learning about the French Press. Cassie gives him a hard time for jumping out of bed to attend to it.

Martha and Tom are going on vacation, and Tom acts like they're traveling for days.

Nick has a friend named Jacob over to play games. He's a hockey player who liked to trounce Nick before his games as a good omen.

When Jacob leaves, Sam takes his place.

Abigail visits Donovan and meets his mother. She's a little annoying right off the bat. She invites both of them to dinner.

She wants them to dress for dinner at which she'll serve maple glazed salmon. Donovan is concerned mother will ruin things.

Stephanie meets Melanie, Adam's fiance, who is taking a blt to her man. This is news to Stephanie.

Sam had no idea guests but in walks the Tinsdales. Martha begins making special requests before she's in the door for five seconds.

Tom smells cinnamon rolls, and they head to the kitchen.

Nick's friend Jacob got hurt at the hockey game. Sam is off to do some doctoring!

Cassie suggests Stephanie find out what Adam wants before she worries too much about Melanie's arrival.

Jacob was only skating while his leg broke. He'll be unable to skate for six months totally messing up his scholarship.

Grace asks Luke out on a date and he accepts.

Adam doesn't know what to say when Stephanie tells him about Melanie.

When Martha suggests a game of Spouse Trap, Sam wants to make sure Cassie knows they're getting hustled.

Dottie welcomes the diners warmly.

Adam finally sees Melanie who is asking if he can ever forgive her. It's been seven months, and she misses him. She wants to get back together after her reality check.

Luke arrives to pick up Grace, and Sam acts like the overbearing father right down to testing the strength of Luke's handshake.

Cassie's biggest pet peeve is when Sam doesn't text when he's late from work. Cassie thinks Sam's biggest complaint about her is that she only has tea in the house. He says it's that he can't get enough of her. Uh oh. Trouble's a brewin'!

Sam doesn't want no stinkin' kindness and caring from Nick.

Dottie shares the Davenport/Merriwick history with Abigail from their ancestors burning down the house to how she and her husband tossed a coin into the very well he wanted to tear down. It's what she believed led to their happily ever after.

Abigail believes if two people belong together, they will find a way, legend or not. 

Grace and Luke arrive at the roller rink. Surprisingly, Grace has never been.

Grace admits she doesn't know how to skate, and Luke offers to teach her. 

Dottie believes Abigail will break her son's heart despite Abigail's protests. The two ultimately leave the table with Dottie still sitting there.

Cassie and Sam continue their game argument in the kitchen. Martha worries about them suggesting that it will get better after 35 years. She also admits she's quite jealous of the young married couple.

Tom admits to Sam that he and Martha have been through squabbles more times than he can count. Sam realizes that's how they know each other so well.

Dottie's discussion got to Abigail. When Abigail and Donovan discuss it, a painting falls to the floor.

At the rink, Luke takes a call. No, he hasn't found out anything about Abigail, but he will meet the mysterious caller the next day.

Sam talks to Nick about his friend and his injury. Don't rush Jacob to talking when he's not ready, but be there when he needs him.

Stephanie welcomes Cassie to the bistro with some tea. Cassie is worried Sam thinks they're ships passing in the night. Her suggestion to Stephanie is to do the hardest thing of all -- nothing.

Luke wants to tell Grace something, but he hesitates, and the two end up kissing instead.

Sam checked in the night before when he was late, and Cassie canceled her plans for the afternoon, so they can spend time together on a walk.

Sam wants Jacob to see a specialist. It's Jaques Broder who must be a big hockey player in their world. He got a compound fracture three years ago, and everyone thought his career was over. 

Martha can't believe Grace went on a date with Luke. She doesn't know if she should pry. But, what the heck? They're interns.

Sam talks with Adam about his dating issues. Sam thinks if Adam is confused, then he already knows what to do.

Cassie suggest there might be a way that Abigail dating Donovan can be a little less risky.

Sam is pleased that Nick and Jacob are playing games in the hospital room.

Tom and Martha tease Cassie and Sam into another game of Spouse Trap.

This time, the Radfords and the Tinsdales are neck and neck. One question floors the Tinsdales, but the Radfords lose on Sam's superpower.

Adam visits Stephanie. He can't take Melanie back because all he can think about is Stephanie.

Donovan and Abigail throw a coin into the fountian.

Luke is at a dining room table. Dottie wants to break the curse. Luke is her nephew. 

Good Witch
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Good Witch Season 5 Episode 7 Quotes

Cassie, it just dawned on me. Our little staycation is actually a Grey-cation!


Abigail: It's just dinner.
Donovan: With Dottie Davenport, it's never just dinner.