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Sam is left with the guests when Cassie and Grace head to Wellingsly so Cassie can host a do for the first holistic medicine class to be offered through the medical program.

Donovan has a huge agenda for an impromptu date with Abigail, but when he says he's confident in how he feels about her, she looks worried.

Martha is changing the TV show to feature her speaking for 30 minutes from her desk. Mayor Martha's Musings debuts without any notice and to the topic of stop signs vs. yeild. What's the difference?

Abigail decides to join Cassie and Grace on the road trip.

Jack and his dad are at Grey House to attend a violin masterclass. Jack has been playing since he was five, something Nick finds funny. He couldn't even tie his shoes at five. Still can't, Sam says.

I sense pressure on Jack!

Abigail and Cassie tease Grace about her new interest in Luke the intern when they stop for chili cheese fries. Unfortunately, the fryer is broken and all the waitress has instead is apple pie.

Adam visits the bistro. He wants Stephanie to join him for the dinner for two. He's going to go and ask her to sit. I just know it.

Jack is super excited to watch Nick and Sam playing video baseball. He joins in and has a great time. When his dad appears in the living room wondering what they're playing, Sam can't help but wonder if the two are on the same page.

Cassie has so much reminiscing at school. They run into Willow, Cassie's friend from school. She inspired Cassie to do a lot of cool things. When a fellow interrupts, Willow introduces Matthew to the group. Abigail looks a little too interested.

Martha cannot believe she had two viewers. She's certain they were hacked, but Theodore wants the show canned.

Grace meets with her student mentor and discovers a welcome basked with a sweatshirt. The girl didn't attend her dad's alma mater making one suspect Grace won't like Cassie's either, but she's in love.

Sam and Nick are woken by Jack's playing in the parlor. Before dawn. Mr. Stafford says it's a team effort, but again, Jack doesn't seem as convinced.

Grace and her host talk about their parents. The girl wants to wait to do her handprint until her dad can be there, but he doesn't ever find the time. She misses him. Grace never thought about all that she'd be leaving behind before.

Stephanie wonders if Martha knows who is coming for the date with Adam. She feels strange cooking for Adam and his date. She can't figure things out. Martha commiserates knowing Martha's Musings is a flop.

Stephanie used her spicy tapas to kick the bistro into gear. Martha needs to be the spicy tapas.

Willow recalls Cassie introducing her to holistic medicine.

Matthew tracks down Abigail at the reception. He's surprised she played sports. He wonders if Abigail would swing by to show his girls a few things. Nope, they're heading home tomorrow.

Nick discovers Jack used to play basketball with his dad all the time. When dad comes into view, Jack wants Nick to toss him the ball. Jack feigns a stoved finger.

Sam says there isn't any reason Jack can't audition, but Mr. Stafford says it's best not to do it.

Abigail is trying not to like Donovan because she really likes Donovan.

Grace thinks Luke misses her. Cassie agrees.

The student host is Ella. Finally, a name!

When Grace tells Cassie Ella might not be there next year, Grace wonders if she might feel the same as Ella when she goes to school. Cassie assures her that she'll come anytime Grace calls her; a three-hour drive is nothing.

Martha decides she will do indepth investigative reporting. Muy Cilantro.

When Adam arrives for his date, he says he's lookin' at her. She's surprised and pleased. Siince she cooked, he'll serve.

Cassie gets Willow some peppermit tea. Willow has a decision to make. She's been asked to head another university's whole holistic medicine department. She doesn't know what to do.

One holistic medicine class isn't enough, but Cassie knows it's only the beginning.

Cassie wants to go to Mikey's Burgers for a burger and a strawberry shake only to learn they closed a couple years ago.

Ella and Grace are doing a beginner exercise video. Grace really likes Ella and wants her to stay. When she says how much she misses him, Grace gets a twinkle in her eye. Dad calls. He's right outside the door!

Sam calls Jack on his bluff. Doctor patient confidentiality will keep their conversation between them. Jack just isn't into violin like he used to be. Sam assures Jack that his dad will be proud of his son as long as he achieve's his own dream.

Abigail and Matthew stroll through the park, and he asks Abigail to dinner when he's passing through town. That's what finally makes her admit she has a boyfriend. After two dates!

Adam enjoys the food, and Stephanie is very glad she got surprised. He wants to know if she's dating anyone right now. They both realized they were better off as business partners. 

She wonders what made Adam become a chaplain. His grandmother took him to church and when she was sick, the chaplain brought her great joy. That's what made him want to be the man he is today.

Sam wonders if Nick ever worries about disappointing his dad. Kinda, didn't you with grandpa? But he always made him feel like he could tell him anything, good or bad. Sam hopes it's the same with Nick.

Theodore delivers great news to Martha. Middleton loves her! When you think of investigative journalism, you think of Martha.

Theodore already wants to go bigger. More gossip, more spice.

Ella shares with Willow that she and a lot of other bio students love her class. It makes Willow sad instead of happy. She's made her decision to leave. But Cassie assures her that her passion can make anything happen.

Stephanie tells Martha that her date with Adam was a disaster. She considers herself the rebound girl. Sometimes, people rebound right into love.

Dr. Shapiro called Willow into his office. He wants her to develop a specialized curriculum for holistic medicine. She's recommitted to Wellingsly.

They decide to put their hand prints on the stone together.

Jack and his dad join Sam and Nick in an impromptu game of hoops.

Martha tries to scoop the rebound relationship, but she decides to resign instead. Four shows, and her star stops shining.

Grace decides to go to Wellingsly. 

When they get home, Cassie discovers a TV in the living room.

Abigail finds Donovan in the park with his dog and kisses him. She couldn't wait to do that again.

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Good Witch Season 5 Episode 6 Quotes

Abigail: I cannot imagine you eating chili cheese fries.
Cassie: Really? Because I have been imagining eating them for the last hour.

What's a Merriwick road trip without all the Merriwicks?