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Grace enters the high school to discover Luke at one of the lockers. He says he let his grades slip at Regis Lane, but he must have turned down Dottie's proposal to spy on Grace!!

Abigail finds Sam's high school year book. Sam knows his way around a hair dryer, but today, he seems to have lost sight of his dreams.

Donovan wants to invite Abigail to a fundraiser, but it's last minute. he wanted to make sure she liked him before presenting her as a date to those who could influence his run for governor.

As they're discussing it, Dottie texts Abigail. She wants to lunch. Donovan warns it's a trap. Abigail hopes it's an olive branch.

Luke comes clean with Grace who doesn't believe him. Neither does Martha, but their literal run-in leads to Martha discovering the original Middleton town charter.

Grace goes home, calling for Cassie. Sam tries to help, but it's more of a mom situation. Sam offers to listen, and Grace reveals the lie. Sam wonders why he lied, but she says it doesn't matter.

Martha calls an emergency meeting of the town council to announce her momentous discovery. Nathanial and Meredith Merriwick were the town founders, and Martha asked a historian to come in and document their history for the website.

There is a symbol on the charter that excites Martha. It's the symbol for water, Abigail says, just as her neighbor spills his cup all over her and the charter.

But that was, of course, fortuitous. It reveals the fire of symbol and an x. Could it possibly mark the spot of the fabled Middleton treasure??

Adam teases Sam about his high school year book. Adam had a lot of fun, but Sam feels differently. He doesn't recall his desire to make a great discovery. Adam thinks it's a goal achieved.

Vincent talks to Cassie. He misses the ocean. They're having the conversation. At the front door is Natalie, the historian who Vincent will move on according to the promo photos.

Martha enlists Vincent for the treasure hunt. The founders supposedly found a trove of riches that were later to be lost to the great flood. Vincent is just the man for the job. He once hunted an 18th Century pirate ship. There wasn't any treasure, but he found it. Natalie wants to join him on the discovery.

Vincent delivers the new of his dual roles to Stephanie and Adam. Adam offers to help with the food truck. Deal!

Abigail meets Dottie. They grate on each other's nerves from the start. Dottie hands Abigail copies of her father's history. He's in prison. Abigail sees through Dottie. She's not giving up on Donovan.

Vincent is looking around the spot where the map fell out of the wall. No clues. The X could signify ten instead of marking a spot. Fire times ten would be a lot of heat. Enough to burn down the first windmill.

Natalie sees something on the charter that upsets her or catches her interest. She sends Vincent to check out the area around the plaque for the windmill while she interviews Mrs. Stanley, Middleton's oldest resident.

Abigail likes roses for their built-in defense mechanism. Cassie wonders if Abigail is OK. She's focused too much of the negative, Cassie says.

Just then, Grace appears to share the bad news with Abigail about Luke. Abigail guesses quickly. Cassie worries over Grace. Grace admits talking to Sam was helpful.

Vincent follows Natalie. He thought she might have cracked a clue. She's at the town sundial. They read it together with the map. Great minds think alike.

Vincent worries that she's trying to find the treasure for herself. She is. She wants to do things herself instead of writing about others and what they've done.

Everyone is making discoveries, so Cassie not-so-subtley reminds him it's never too late.

Adam isn't overly impressed with Stephanie's sandwich for the food truck. They decide to debate their monte cristo sandwiches. Yuck.

Sam joins Vincent in the discovery so they can get the jump on Natalie discovering it for herself.

Sam and Vincent easily discover the next clue.

Stephanie really likes Adam's sandwich. They need an impartial judge.

Natalie and Vincent grow closer while they're trying to one-up each other. Instead of turning in Natalie for not doing her job, Vincent tells Martha she's been a lot of help.

Luke visits Grey House. Sam plays the dad as he does oh so well. Sam assures Luke that lying was a copout. Dottie was still going to pay for Luke's school whether he spied for her or not, but he stopped because he was inspired by Grace to do the right thing.

Cassie bites right into the middle of a Monte Cristo like a normal person. Stephanie took a bite off of the corner when she tried Adam's. Cassie decided they should combine them and serve them as one super sandwich.

Abigail apologizes to Grace for getting dragged into everything. 

Donovan was in a motorcyle accident. Sam calls Abigail. Donovan says he lied about being a good driver. Dottie doesn't let up, urging Abigail to stay away.

Sam tried to surprise Cassie with breakfast in bed, but she got up too early. He finally realizes he already made his great discovery. They head back upstairs.

Martha visits Dottie. They're hardly friends. They've been friends since high school. Martha is angry about Luke's placement. She's even more concerned that Luke is now working for her. 

Dottie will happily hand over her homecoming tiara if Martha would stop Abigail.

Vincent, Martha, and Natalie find more clues in the stained glass windows.

Stephanie opens the food truck with the Hawkins/Gordon Ham and Cheese Tour de Force being the signature sandwich.

Is the treasure in the wishing well or is it just another clue?

Natalie pries off a rock to discover a tiny little chest. It's so cute!

They almost drop it back into the well when fumbling for it. Martha opens it to find sand, which she unceremoniously dumps right onto the gorund.

Luke and Grace love their monte cristo sandwiches. He needs someone to hang out with school, so he's happy they're in a better place.

Martha thinks the treasure is till lost. Cassie disagrees.

Donovan calls Abigail for a ride only to discover that she's starting to side with Dottie. He thinks it's ridiculous. When she says they don't need any more accidents, he says he needs her. She thinks she's the last thing he needs.

Adam and Stephanie are very cute.

Martha convenes the founders day festivities. She says the treasure remains lost until she spots Cassie in the crowd. She repeats Cassie's thoughts about seeing the world. Perhaps the search is important so the glorious citizens of the little town can truly appreciate the wonder around them.

Natalie was going to use the Middleton treasure to buy a boat. He offers her his 30-foot sailboat. Sam's like, damn, you just got here. He'll be back for Grace's graduation.

Martha discovers the town motto was not what she thought. The truth lies within. The red herring is inside the charter. There's a key! Sam is onto his next great discovery.



Good Witch
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Good Witch Season 5 Episode 8 Quotes

Grace: So, why are you really going to my school?
Luke: Remember I said my aunt pays my tuition?
Grace: Yes.
Luke: My aunt is Dottie Davenport.
Grace: Donovan Davenport's mother.
Luke: She's worried about the Davenport/Merriwick curse. She sent me to find out everything I could about Abigail.
Grace: Wait. You were spying on my cousin?
Luke: I'm so sorry.
Grace: Is that why you went out with me?
Luke: No! No, of course not.
Grace: Yeah, I don't believe you.

Cassie: Sometimes our earliest dreams are the best ones.
Sam: And sometimes they're just the random thoughts of a teenager.