Good Witch Season 5 Episode 8 Review: The Treasure

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One battle won and another given up in resignation.

Good Witch Season 5 Episode 8 focused on discoveries of many kinds, and as usual, Cassie had plenty of motivational advice to get us through until the next episode.

And although Cassie was also reminding Sam never to give up on his dreams, Sam was also picking up the slack when Cassie wasn't available by providing loads of encouragement.

Martha Shines on Founders Day - Good Witch Season 5 Episode 8

Founders Day was here at last, and with it came a mystery that attracted the attention of the entire town.

It all started with young Luke doing the right thing and turning away from his aunt's educational assistance in light of her demands of her nephew.

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We'd already realized Luke was likely related to the Good Witch Season 5 story probably by way of blood when it was revealed on Good Witch Season 5 Episode 7 that he was Dottie's nephew.

But given his aunt's less-than-stellar outlook on all things Davenport/Merriwick related, we didn't know how Luke would react if Dottie stopped paying for his schooling.

Luke and Grace Wait for the Hayride - Good Witch Season 5 Episode 8

In true Good Witch fashion, Dottie didn't pull the rug out from under Luke. But Luke, inspired by Grace's goodness, turned his back on his aunt instead.

That's not  entirely true. They're still family, but Luke decided against going to private school because even the thought of those strings attached started to turn his stomach.

Since they're just shy of their graduation, that's a very meaningful decision on his part, and it shows how much of an impact Grace had on him.

Luke left everything he knew behind to be a stand-up guy. 

Grace Grins - Good Witch Season 5 Episode 8

Seeing Grace crushed by a boy again was hard to take, but the way Sam stepped in on her behalf when Cassie wasn't around was impressive.

It was also timely since Sam was having trouble recalling the passion for adventure he had in high school.

Looking through old yearbooks can lead to beautiful memories, or you can find yourself despairing about innocence lost. In Sam's case, his yearbook suggested he once wanted to make a great discovery.

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He was ready to slough it off as ridiculous rantings of a teenager, but Cassie wasn't going to let him get off that easy. 

Do you think already considered herself his greatest discovery before she guided him to that decision? It's weird that even with Cassie's extreme confidence, I never consider her conceited. Do you?

Sam Enjoys Founders Day - Good Witch Season 5 Episode 8

Cassie magically manipulated events so that Sam wouldn't have to wonder if he'd given up something he once loved, and Sam helped Grace better understand Luke's deceipt merely by listening.

Am I the only one whose heart swells several times its normal size while watching Good Witch?

No matter what is happening in my life, I always think twice about it and try to look on the bright side thanks to Cassie's wise words.

As I told my friend earlier today, "Every week for about two hours, I get inspired. Then I sink back into despair." Haha!

Who couldn't use a Cassie in their lives? Thanks to Hallmark, we have her in ours. Granted, I could probably do with her positive outlook being more prevalent in my life, but a two-hour window is better than a sharp stick in the eye!

Happy In Love - Good Witch Season 5 Episode 8

Everyone benefits from Cassie's caring and compassion while she rarely needs to seek solace in others. Is that because she's generally so upbeat?

Cassie: You know, you are focused too much on the negative.
Abigail: That's because everything happening to me right now is negative.
Cassie: Well, you can't have a positive life with a negative mind.

Even though Grace and Abigail are also Merriwicks, they're far more likely to fall into what usually traps we mere mortals.

Grace thought the worse of Luke even though she knew him well enough to give him the benefit of the doubt about why he might have lied to her. 

Good Witch Review: Grey-Cation

Abigail rushed headfirst into a new love despite a dreaded curse, but the more Dottie wore her down, the more she began to second-guess herself.

Cassie: You called things off with Donovan.
Abigail: I had to.
Cassie: Because of the curse?
Abigail: It wasn't looking good for us.
Cassie: Sometimes when we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change.
Abigail: Sometimes they don't.

I think Abigail misunderstood Cassie's suggestion that looking at things differently changes your perspective. It seemed to me that she was trying to tell Abigail that she gave up because she started to see things the same way as Dottie.

Martha Presents Founders Day - Good Witch Season 5 Episode 8

It was only when Abigail began doubting her vision of the future that she started to see things as Dottie did, and Dottie sees only doom and gloom. 

I'm still hedging my bets that there is more to the story with Dottie than what we know so far. It's Good Witch. She cannot possibly be as cruel as to keep her son from the woman he loves.

She's hiding something that she's using as an obstacle for Donovan and Abigail. She has replaced whatever plagues her life with Donovan and Abigail with the belief if she stops them from moving forward, she will keep her son from being as unhappy as she is.

But she's not listening to either of them because she's too clouded by her pain. Unlike Cassie, who only sees light where others see darkness, Dottie only sees darkness where others are finding light.

Do you think she's hiding something and assuming Donovan and Abigail will follow her path to disappointment? What could it be?

Vincent and His Date Watch Fireworks - Good Witch Season 5 Episode 8

It's easier to get discouraged than it is to follow the light.

Just look at everything the Middleton Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys almost lost when they found an empty (but cute as all get out) little treasure chest instead of something that rivaled the plunder of 18th Century pirates.

Good Witch Renewed: Who Isn't Returning?

So much faith was put into what might be the treasure that everyone almost lost sight of the beautiful journey they shared finding it. 

Was anyone else shocked that Martha so unceremoniously dumped the sand out of the chest and right onto the ground? What if that was magical sand from the bottom of the Bermuda Triangle or the floor of Atlantis??

Vincent Has a New Love - Good Witch Season 5 Episode 8

Without even thinking about what the sand could signify, Martha spilled the contents because it wasn't the treasure she expected. Even I'm not that cynical, and I am far from an optimist.

We climb mountains not so the world can see us but so we can see the world.


That quote fits so perfectly into life today.

We live in a world where people deem it more important to get a photo of their foot onto Instagram instead of savoring the tasty morsel on their plate.

People die after plunging to the ground because of their desire to be seen overlooking a beautiful vista at a cliff's edge instead of relishing in the majesty of the land before them.

Founders Day Food Truck - Good Witch Season 5 Episode 8

But shows like Good Witch remind us to stop and smell the roses instead of grabbing a photo of them. They with the built-in defense mechanism do not smell as sweet on Instagram as they do before you take the photo.

Vincent and his new friend, historian Natalie, have decided to take to the open waters with their shared love of sailing. It was a rather hasty decision if you ask me, but it was nice to pair Vincent with a worthy partner before he took his leave.

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Now that Stephanie and Adam have stopped their dating dance, they're adorable together. And I have to admit I thought a Monte Cristo sandwich had jelly on it, so I didn't understand their love of the thing until they had their contest!

With everyone pairing successfully, I hope Donovan doesn't give up the fight for Abigail. They have so much to offer each other, and allowing Dottie to claim victory would be tragic.

After you watch Good Witch online, be sure to come back to the review, so you can share your thoughts on the latest episode.

What do you love the most about watching Good Witch? Does it fill your heart with joy, too?

The Treasure Review

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Good Witch Season 5 Episode 8 Quotes

We climb mountains not so the world can see us but so we can see the world.


Grace: So, why are you really going to my school?
Luke: Remember I said my aunt pays my tuition?
Grace: Yes.
Luke: My aunt is Dottie Davenport.
Grace: Donovan Davenport's mother.
Luke: She's worried about the Davenport/Merriwick curse. She sent me to find out everything I could about Abigail.
Grace: Wait. You were spying on my cousin?
Luke: I'm so sorry.
Grace: Is that why you went out with me?
Luke: No! No, of course not.
Grace: Yeah, I don't believe you.