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Dean is showing Ethan the pilot of The Grinder. 

Dean plans to come with Stewart to the office the next day. 

Dean wants to let the cases choose them, but Stewart argues that they can't just throw away cases. 

Debbie tells Stewart that two of their friends were fired for breaking their company's no dating policy. Dean wants to go to them and sue the company, but Stewart is against it. 

Stewart wants Ethan to do his homework, but he's still watching episodes of The Grinder. He wants to try Dean's strategy of working in the middle of the night. 

Stewart worries that he's too negative and decides to try to be more positive. 

Dean meets an associate for the other side and discovers that she did not like his show.

The hearing doesn't go well and Dean's depressed that he failed. 

Debbie questions Stewart letting their kids do what they want. He explains he's trying to say yes more because he doesn't want to be the buzz kill character from The Grinder. 

Stewart tries to make Dean feel better. When Dean is ready to give up, Stewart tells him he's right, it's impossible, and Dean has his confidence back. 

Dean begins to read employee files which could take weeks. The boss is willing to hire both employees back and change the policy in order to end it. 

Stewart hires Claire as their new senior associate. 


The Grinder
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The Grinder Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Dean: You thinking what I'm thinking?
Stewart: Zero chance.

Ok so we've moved past the whole just because he played a lawyer on TV doesn't make him qualified to do it in real life argument?