The Handmaid's Tale - June Drinking a Glass of Wine
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After marthas agree to help June get 52 children out of Gilead, June's stuck with some shaky math. She has a truck with ten seats, and more bodies than she can put in them, but she wants to save them all. She goes to Commander Lawrence for more trucks.

Without her medication, Eleanor is becoming unstable. She threatens Joseph, and June is able to talk her down. Lawrence leaves with his wife, causing June to think that he's abandoned the house and their plan. Joseph returns saying that there are new protocols in place that he doesn't have, and he doesn't think it's a clerical error. 

Still determined to get the children out, June insists that he take her to the city, where she's able to talk to Billy. She offers him all the art in the Lawrence house in exchange for help getting Joseph, Lawrence, Eleanor, and the children out. Billy says he'll think about it, but while June is there she's spotted by Commander Winslow. 

In a room with Commander Winslow, June must lie her through their meeting. When he propositions her, she goes along with it at first and eventually pushing him away. They struggle and she stabs him multiple times before using a statue to knock him out. 

A martha discovers June and recognizes her from the moment at the cages. She's one of the five June saved. She gives June a keycard to the service elevator so she can escape. Meanwhile, a team of marthas disappears commander Commander Winslow's body. 

Elsewhere, Serena Joy and Fred embark on a clandestine mission regarding Nicole, but they are lured into a trap and arrested after crossing over into Canada. 

The Handmaid's Tale
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The Handmaid's Tale Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

Eleanor: Will it make it better?
June: Yes.
Eleanor: How do you know it will work?
June: Because it has to. Because all of this has to add up to something. It has to mean something. I need your help, Eleanor. Help me make it mean something.

Fifty-two. Marthas and handmaids are offering to help me get fifty-two kids out. Fifty-two kids, and ten seats. How does that math work? Moira would tell me I need to keep my fucking shit together.