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In tonight's episode, Connor thinks things are starting to turn around when Charlotte, his sister, surprises him.  He hasn't seen Charlotte since he was a baby, and to make sure her claim is real, he has Charlotte do a DNA test.  When they match, we soon find out Charlotte is actually from the Church of Dianetics, in other words, a Scientologist. 

Raquel takes the only course of action she can to combat her lawsuit: she declares bankruptcy.  She then heads to a bar to drown her sorrows.  After becoming friendly with the bartender, she offers her services as a waitress, which turns out not to be a skill Raquel can fake.  However, the bartender reveals himself to be the owner of the restaurant and offers her a bartending job while telling her how valuable it is to his the reset button and start over in life. She takes his advice by taking advantage of Ellen Page dropping out of Kevin and Cam's movie and offering to be in their film for free.

Beth drops Simon off at the Bill Nye job and leaves to spend the day at the Lux.  She ends up in bed with Cam and misses the pick-up time for Simon.  She pushes Cam away at first, telling him she needs to focus on Simon, but he convinces her she needs to have a life too.  While they're in bed together, Raquel bursts in and tells him that they should shoot their movie. 

Meanwhile, Kal enlists Abby to sing background on his album, but he really just wants to know about Tariq's whereabouts.  Dynasty quits as the producer of Kal's album and when Kal and Abby are alone, she asks him why Dynasty left.  When he finally tells her, we see, but don't hear her reaction.  She violently shoves and slaps him, cries, and storms out of the studio leaving Kal alone.

Nick has a a terrible day at work as Scott's stash of cocaine is found by Tompkins.  Scott forces Nick to take the blame and Tompkins fires Nick immediately.  Nick reacts to Scott letting him take the fall and after Scott insults Sabrina, Nick punches him.  Sabrina tells Nick he's funny, smart, and they both seem content by the end of the episode. 


The L.A. Complex
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The L.A. Complex Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Dreamworks is doing that movie about the lazy hummingbird thing, right?


Process Server: Raquel Westbrook? I'd recognize that walk anywhere.
Raquel: Well, that's not creepy at all.