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As the group is celebrating Carol's surprise pregnancy, Gail interrupts, trying to explain to them that she just saw a drone. Everyone writes off the sighting as a symptom of Gail's alcoholism, and Gail reluctantly accepts the fact that she drinks to much, vowing to quit.

Todd finds Mike and Phil finishing off the last of the bacon and flies into a rage. Phil explains that everyone else conceded to Mike finishing off the bacon, since he didn't get any to begin with, but Todd's rage is not assuaged.

Mike spends time getting to know Erica. She confides that she was in jail back in Adelaide for armed bank robbery and that she got a job with the U.S. State Department using the fake identity of an Ohio State sorority girl, facts that no one else know about her. Mike is impressed and thinks she's the most interesting person alive.

Phil tries to make amends with Todd. Todd believes that Phil has been neglecting him ever since Mike came back, and that he's Phil's number two choice. Phil counters that Todd has been too busy with Gail and Erica.

Mike and Erica go on a date at a Japanese restaurant where Mike pretends to be "Chef Miyagi," a hibachi chef. They flirt and joke about Erica being pregnant with another man's baby and Mike technically being married to Carol.

Gail struggles with no longer drinking, struggling to drink plain water.

Mike milks the group's cow while talking to Phil. Mike develops a cough, but writes it off as just being "tuckered out." Phil asks Mike to be his baby's godfather. Todd walks up and argues with Phil about the two draining the cow. As they argue, Mike continues coughing badly, eventually coughing up blood, which Todd and Phil both see.

Todd tells the rest of the group about Mike coughing up blood. Phil denies it, claiming that Todd is spreading rumors because he's angry about Phil spending so much time with Mike. Eventually, Todd convinces Phil to tell the truth. Everyone panics, realizing that if Mike has the virus, the unborn children of Carol and Erica might not be immune like the rest of the group is. The group leaves, wanting to get as far away from Mike as possible. Not wanting to leave Mike alone, Phil comes up with a plan -- the group all dresses in hazmat suits and put Mike in a quarantine bubble.

The group tries to act like nothing is wrong, playing Jenga and charades. Mike realizes he might have the virus but Phil remains in denial, insisting that Mike just has a cold. Mike is unnerved by the way that everyone clarifies that each subject of the charade clues is dead due to the virus. Phil takes his suit off in a show of solidarity with Mike.

Erica and Mike have their "second date" separated by Mike's quarantine bubble. Erica acts nonchalant about the circumstances and seconds Phil's idea that Mike just has a cold. Mike asks to kiss Erica and Erica takes off the head of her hazmat suit to kiss him through the quarantine bubble plastic, as the group cheers and teases them. Melissa interrupts the moment by running in to bring the group outside to see their cow, dead.

Melissa and the rest of the group are convinced that Mike passed the virus to the cow, killing it. Phil wonders how the cow could have been killed by the virus in only six hours, convinced its death had some other cause. The others don't want to take any chances, given the fact that the cow had previously survived the first strain of the virus like all of them. They decide to move Mike out of the house. Phil prevents everyone from moving Mike, though Mike offers to leave if everyone wants him to. Phil gives a speech about how he thought he'd lost Mike once before and isn't willing to lose him again, refusing to say goodbye to him again. The rest of the group elects to find another house to stay in for the night, while Phil remains behind with Mike.

Phil lies down next to Mike's bubble and the two sing "Falling Slowly" in unison as they fall asleep, with Mike still coughing. Phil wakes up to find Mike gone, having left a note behind in his place indicating that he left so that Phil wouldn't have to say goodbye again.

The Last Man on Earth
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The Last Man on Earth Season 2 Episode 17 Quotes

Erica: I was in jail. I somehow got arrested for leaving a bank with some money that wasn't mine. And then a man in a uniform found a gun on me that turned out to be mine.
Mike: So you're talking about armed robbery?
Erica: More like an armed misunderstanding.

Todd: Oh. That's funny. 'Cuz your farts smell like freshly-cooked bacon.
Mike: Thank you?