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The group searches for weapons as the hazmat suit clad trio storm the Malibu mansion. Once they arrive, Melissa is quick to shoot one of them just seconds before they tell the group they come in peace.

After a funeral for the departed, the remaining two survivors -- Pat and Lewis -- ask the group if they can stay. The group discusses this and, although they have concerns about Pat, Tandy and Carol convince the others to let them stay.

Pat attempts to bond with the group through his love of jean art while Lewis keeps to himself and eventually admits Pat is crazy.

While shooting missiles at the Santa Monica pier, Tandy and Pat bond over the fact that they miss someone. Specifically, a man by the name of Mike.

Back at the house, Todd confides to Gail that he's worried about Melissa. She murdered someone and doesn't seem to be processing it.

When Pat returns to the mansion and realizes Mike is Tandy's brother, he freaks out and holds the group hostage. He rambles something about "the bunker people" and pulls the trigger.

Fortunately for the group, he is out of bullets. Before he can reload, they escape the mansion in the A Team van running Pat over in the process.

The Last Man on Earth
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The Last Man on Earth Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

It took me a while to figure out Tandy wasn't a dangerous lunatic but in fact, the man of my dreams.

Carol Pilbasian

Pat Brown: Do you like hair?
Gail Klosterman: What?
Pat Brown: Hair. Do you like it? On guys?