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The episode begins with Carol waking up. She looks concerened, and she wakes up Tandy to say they have company. Laying in their bed between Carol's legs is a newborn baby girl. 

Carol had a sleep birth. She felt no pain and slept through it. Erica is clearly jealous since Dawn's birth was so painful. 

Carol announces that the baby's name is Bezequil. 

Todd cries when he meets her because he wants a baby. Melissa seems indifferent to the newborn. 

Carol goes off to eat her placenta and asks if anyone else wants some. They all say no, except for Tandy. 

Gail is mad that she stayed sober for two weeks to wait until she was needed to help with the birth.

Gail and Erica agree to have a date night to spend time together. Todd is thrilled when they ask him to babysit 

Tandy writes a song about his new baby. Carol enjoys it, but at the end, she rubs her head in pain. She says she has a headache and that she's been having a weird cramp all day. 

She and Tandy go to Gail to see what's wrong with her. Gail does an ultrasound and notices that Carol is pregnant with another baby. The other baby wasn't delivered when Bezequil was.

Gail explains it to Carol by telling a story about how she was once given a second cheeseburger at a fast food place when she only ordered one. 

Carol seems nervous but excited about having a second baby. Tandy comes in with Bezequil. Carol tells him that she is still pregnant with a baby, and Tandy is overjoyed.

Gail cancels date night with Erica because she needs to be ready to help Carol deliver the second baby. Erica is disappointed. She wants Carol to have a painful birth since Carol has been bragging about how easy her first delivery was. 

Carol doesn't feel any contractions so Tandy tries to give her Tabasco sauce to induce labor. Carol remains mellow about the second baby because she doesn't want to go crazy over things that are beyond her control.  

Tandy continues different tactics to induce labor, including scaring Carol. She is distraught over this but it does not affect her labor. 

Todd is devastated that he can't babysit baby Dawn. Melissa says it's for the best because his baby fever worries her. They made a decision to not have kids. Melissa is concerned that Todd is not okay with that decision anymore. Melissa wants him to be honest with her, and Todd says that all he needs is her to be happy. 

Tandy tries nipple stimulation (both her nipples and his own nipples) to induce labor. It does not work. Carol said she is tired but does not want to go sleep because she thinks she'd be a bad mom if she missed both of her babies being born. 

Tandy says she can sleep and he will watch her vagina for any changes.

Tandy falls asleep during "vagina watch," but he has Todd on watch while he sleeps. 

Gail is freaking out because she thinks something is wrong with the baby since it won't come out. She says everything will be okay because they're going to get the baby out of Carol. 

Gail says she will go in and break the amniotic sac with a needle, but Carol says the baby will come when it is ready. 

Todd goes to Erica to ask if she's okay. He says she looks tired and wants to give her a break and watch Dawn during it. He tells Erica he doesn't need kids to be happy and he just wants Melissa. She agrees to nap so that he can watch Dawn. 

Todd turns excitedly to Dawn when she leaves because he gets alone time with her. 

Later that night, Todd goes to his room with Melissa. Melissa wakes up, and she asks him where he's been. He says he was with the guys. She asks if it's baby powder on his shirt, but he says it's cocaine. She clearly does not believe him. 

Gail and Tandy argue over whether to induce Carol by breaking the sac. Gail doesn't want to have to cut her open for a c-section. The two yell at each other while Carol walks around with Bezequil. 

Carol leans down and comes back up with her second baby in her hand. Her "double cheeseburger" has arrived. 

The second baby is also a girl. Carol names her Mike after Tandy's brother. 

Erica is annoyed that Carol had such a painless birth again. Gail and Erica prepare to go on their date night but are going to take Dawn with them since Melissa seems concerned about Todd spending too much time with Dawn. 

Melissa tells Todd he can babysit. He is thrilled. Tandy sings a song about being happy with the three women in his life. 

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