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The episode begins with a stuffed giraffe moving through the desert. We see that it's in a car being driven by Jasper and sticking out of the sunroof. 

Todd asks Jasper if he was driving. Jasper says no and walks away, but Todd tries to be his father and ask for an explanation. 

Melissa tries to read while one of the babies cries. She finds a quiet and secluded room in the house to read until Tandy comes in to ask if she's seen a box labeled "Adult Magazines." He finds it and grabs a box labeled "Lotions." Then, he leaves. 

Carol goes to Gail and says she's finished with her wedding present. She turned Gail's wedding jumpsuit into a bedazzled jumpsuit with the phrase "Sexy Grandma" on it. Carol says she will do it for Erica too, but Erica says she wants to save it for Dawn. Gail asks who Dawn will marry, and Erica says Jasper. Carol realizes that Jasper is the only person alive who can be with the three girls. 

Jasper puts a firework in his giraffe and then puts it in the empty fountain. The firework explodes. Todd yells at him, and then another firework goes off. Todd grounds him and sends him to his room, but Jasper doesn't move. Todd struggles to assert authority over him. 

Carol asks Tandy if they made a mistake having the twins because she never considered that there were not enough people to repopulate later on. Carol comes up with a plan and goes to Jasper with the twins. 

Carol says she wants to catch up with Jasper over lunch because they haven't had time to talk recently. She took all of his favorite foods and made it into a casserole. Carol pretends she has a prior engagement and needs to leave him with the twins so they can "get to know each other." 

Carol talks to Erica about setting a schedule so that each girl can spend time with Jasper. Erica tells her to leave her and Dawn out of it. Erica walks away. She then tells Gail what happened but says she might need to go back in there to talk to Carol. Gail says they can't use logic to argue with Carol. 

Carol put makeup on her girls and then pushes them in their car seats under a broomstick as a way to play limbo with Jasper. Jasper plays his Gameboy the entire time this is happening.

Todd asks Tandy if he's a pushover. Tandy role plays situations with Todd to see if he's too big of a pushover. "Child Todd" asks for cookies, and Tandy tells him no. "Child Todd" still asks for them. Tandy yells at "child Todd" to get him to accept what he said. Todd tells him that was a little harsh. Tandy agrees that his yelling was harsh, but Tandy tells him it is sometimes necessary and that he should go get his dad on with Jasper. 

Erica goes to Carol to tell her that the competition was too much. Carol says she isn't doing that anymore because Jasper's relationship with the twins blossomed when Erica pulled Dawn out of the competition. Erica gets mad and tries to stop herself from getting sucked in by Carol. It does not work, though. She takes Dawn to Jasper to have him bond with her baby. 

Jasper rides around on a go kart, and Erica tells him that Dawn had the idea to give it to him. 

Carol plays Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes" to catch Jasper's attention and force him to look at the twins instead of at Erica and Dawn. Jasper rides his go kart away from Erica. Todd chases him and tells him to go to his room. He takes away his Gameboy, but Jasper walks away from Todd without going to his room as instructed. 

Jasper goes to Melissa's hideout. Melissa asks if something is wrong. 

Erica and Carol fight in the living room about the competition. Then, Todd comes in to ask if they have seen Jasper. He then yells at Tandy for his bad advice and also yells at Erica for giving him the go kart.

Gail comes in and tells Erica she should not have gotten sucked in to Carol's competition. Carol thinks this comment means Gail is on her side, but she also agrees that Carol is crazy. They all start screaming at each other. 

Melissa comes into the room to ask what is wrong with them. She says Jasper is freaking out because the people he can trust are acting crazy. Melissa tells them that they need to let him be a kid because he will never have a normal childhood. She asks them all to apologize to Jasper. They all go to his fort to talk to him, but he is not there. 

Tandy and Todd drive around to look for Jasper. They each blame themselves for what happened and then apologize to one another. 

Erica, Gail, and Carol drive around in another car to look for him. They also blame themselves for what happened and then apologize to each other. 

Suddenly, there is a loud siren. Todd and Tandy follow the noise because they think it is Jasper. They come upon a prison and think Jasper went in there. The audience sees that it is not Jasper, though. There is an inmate in the prison who is shocked to see other people. 

The Last Man on Earth
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The Last Man on Earth Season 4 Episode 8 Quotes

Explosives are not appropriate for minors. They're for adults and for miners. Coal miners. It's a different minors.


Todd: Jasper, did you just put a firework in that giraffe?
Jasper: No.
Todd: Are you lying?
Jasper: Yeah.