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The Nathan James is heading to New Orleans with the President on board. They haven’t seen any sign of The Immunes submarine. 

The President is still on emotionally shaky ground. Chandler puts Jeter in charge of helping him keep it together. 

Chandler asks Rachel to talk to Niels in order to get his help to nebulize the cure. The two them figure out that they need a particular spore found in fresh water muscles to be able to give the cure the stability it needs but Niels tells her he doesn’t remember the exact sequence to make it happen. She knows he’s lying. Later, when she realizes he’s attracted to her, she uses it. Rachel makes him believe he has a chance with her and he shares the sequence.

While gathering the muscles on shore, the team runs into a group of teenagers who were abandoned at summer camp when the virus broke out. Their leader, Ray Diaz, tells Chandler that their are bounty hunters who have put a price on the heads of the crew of the Nathan James and say they are lying about the cure. Chandler plans to take all the kids on board and bring them to a safer port. He manages to get Diaz on his side, but Diaz, who is six months shy of being old enough to sign up, wants to be a member of his crew. Diaz also agrees to help them track down the immunes who put down the bounty.  When other younger boys ask for the same treatment, Tex tells them they have no chance. 

Ray, not wanting to get left behind, jumps the gun and shoots off a flare to contact the bounty hunters. Chandler locks him in a trailer but he has access to a radio where he can listen to everything. He hears that Cody, one of the other kids stood behind to join the fight. Chandler tries to find him in the middle of a fire fight with the immunes and Ray breaks out of the trailer in order to find his friend. 

Chandler finds Cody in the cannery. He’s been shot and killed by the Immunes. An Immune tries to capture Chandler but Ray kills him with a crossbow. 

They capture three immunes who have charged cell phones on them but there are no cell towers up. How are they using them to communicate. The President begins acting like one and helps formulate a plan for when they get to New Orleans.

Rachel realizes that the way to transmit the cure is to make it contagious, the same way the virus is contagious. She deduces that she can use that strain that resides in Niels lungs to make that happen but the virus needs to leave his lungs in order for that to happen and it will kill him, so Rachel gives him an IV that causes the virus to spread throughout the rest of his body, killing him. 


The Last Ship
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The Last Ship Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

He killed my wife and I was able to talk to him, so unless you have a better idea... I know he's a snake but if he can help, you have to talk to him.


I want you to get him the rest of the way there. Be his guide, his preacher, his father, his friend, whatever he needs.