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The Nathan James is racing Omar to the region in Algeria where Mahmoud's people live. Thinking it's his idea, Giorgio recruits Tom. Sasha and James speak of rioting back home. Giorgio takes Tom to his base, where he meets Giorgio's sister, Lucia. An IUD in a fishing net shuts down the engines and weapons system of the Nathan James, leaving it a sitting duck for a missile launcher Omar has hidden in the Rock of Gibraltar's tunnels. Danny leads the away teams searching for the launcher. Ares, the Greek Navy's fighter, takes out Moose, Giorgio's champion, and Moose gets tossed into the sea. A jury-rigged setup powers a gun which shoots down the next missile, but the engines still won't start. The missile launcher is on wheels, being moved back and forth between openings. Tom is flirting with Lucia, so Giorgio chooses him to fight against Ares. Vulture team finds the launcher and starts a firefight before it can be fired again. They use a helicopter engine to jump start the engines and weapons system. Danny, Sasha and Wolf jump into the ocean just before the James' missile hits the launcher. Tom beats Ares severely. The missile launcher, which increased Omar's head start to Algeria, proves that Omar has a moneyed nation backing him. Lucia and Tom have sex. She nicknames him Hercules. He's trying to get ahold of her necklace, which should open Giorgio's secret room. He also wants to find out who is Giorgio's boss.

The Last Ship
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The Last Ship Season 4 Episode 2 Quotes

Giorgio: I could have killed you.
Tom: Yeah ... I guess that's true.

And the Nathan James is again on her own. And this way there be monsters.