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Omar finds Mahmoud's grandmother, who has the seeds. Tom steals the beetle necklace from Lucia. But he runs into Giorgio before he can try it out on the lock to Giorgio's secret room. A sleepy Lucia interrupts their talk, and Tom is able to slip into Giorgio's office, where he discovers papers detailing experiments. The James' away team arrives at Mahmoud's grandmother's house after Omar. An angry Omar flips the kitchen table and finds where the seeds are hidden. She stabs him with a knife, then he slices her neck with a sword. The away team can't get a shot at Omar, then a group of children mob Omar, allowing him to reach his chopper. Sasha attaches a tracker to the chopper. While making out with Lucia, Tom slips the necklace back onto her neck. Omar is heading to Sardinia, where he meets with Giorgio. Omar reneges on the agreed-upon price of $10 million for the seeds, since the American Navy is interested after the seeds as well. As tempers flare, Lucia tries to intervene, Omar calls her a whore, but still she offers to double the payment and give him the first crop from the seeds. Tom suggests they check the merchandise first. Slattery and the away teams are tracking Omar. Wrapping Tom's hand for his fight is Dr. Paul Vellek, the bioscientist who will be working with the seeds. The away team sees Tom in the ring. When no challenger comes forward, Slattery goes in, and loses after a while. Tom takes the seeds from Lucia and hands them to Slattery. After Tom leaves, Lucia stabs Slattery in the gut and escapes. Not knowing this, Tom sends the crew back and stays. Lucia calls Giorgio and blows Tom's cover, but Tom slips away. He and the crew figure out that Slattery has the seeds but is missing.

The Last Ship
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The Last Ship Season 4 Episode 3 Quotes

Giorgio: I am the bread of life. He who cometh to me will never hunger.
Tom: Those are big shoes to fill.

Sasha: Oran hasn't seen a Westerner in more than a year. A white girl carrying an M-4 will be hard to miss.
Azima: I do not think it will be hard to blend in.
Sasha: Welcome to the apocalypse.