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The virus has mutated to threaten the world's food supply. The key to overcoming it is ancient African palm seed, which has the secret inside its DNA. Sasha and British agent James Fletcher are negotiating with Mahmoud, who took this seed from Omar, who stole it from the international seed bank. Gunfire breaks out, with Mahmoud the first one shot by Omar's soldiers. Capt. Slattery sends a chopper to extract Vulture team and the injured Mahmoud, as he is the only one who knows where the seeds are hidden. Tom Chandler and his children are now living in a small Greek fishing village. The village is ruled by crime lord Giorgio. Slattery takes the Nathan James to Rota, Spain, to resupply. Tom's Greek friend Alex tells him that he knows who Tom is, and that the world needs him again. Mahmood wakes up long enough to utter the word "lion." Alex explains that Giorgio controls the people through a combination of food, drugs and staged fights. Starving people come to the Rota base for supplies. Tom and Alex steal back the fish and supplies which Giorgio had taken as "tax."  Omar's forces attack the Rota base to interrogate Mahmoud. Cameron Burk is badly injured, and his brother Carlton blames Miller for that. Twelve Americans are killed in the attack. From a tattoo on Mahmoud's wrist, Sasha figures out the seeds are headed to Algeria. For revenge, Giorgio sets Alex's boat on fire, with him inside, killing him. Kara joins the ship's crew, to replace the injured Burk as tactical officer. The Nathan James launches in search of the seeds. The seeds are located in a camel's pack. Tom takes out Giorgio's strongest fighter so that he can get recruited by Giorgio.

The Last Ship
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The Last Ship Season 4 Episode 1 Quotes

Alex: I think we made the gods angry today, took too many of their fish.
Tom: They'll get over it.

Sasha: I didn't know you were such a scientist, Madmoud.
Madmoud: I am a thief, but I do know business, and I do know the seed's value. Everyone wants what Omar stole from the seed bank.