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A stranger who had an article about the missing teens posted on his wall at work makes his way to Miracle with his "equipment" to do research.

He makes his way to the Murphys and asks if it's the residence of Evangeline Murphy. He just walks away and goes to talk with Nora. He thinks she's the reason Evie disappeared, as well as her entire family.

The next day, Nora gets a call from a doctor. Her colleague paid her a visit yesterday? Nora asks that they never call that number again.

Nora wakes Kevin, who is cuffed to the bed. She's not ready to uncuff him just yet.

George from DSD is trying to speak with the Murphys, but they won't talk with him. Nora chats with him. 

In the forest, Erika is trying to revive (keep alive?) birds in the box. Little dead bodies are piling up.

The other girls' mothers want the Murphys to talk with DSD.

Nora goes to find George. There is a new algorithm that came from the Japanese. None of the fraud flags go up. It's likely to be ruled as confirmed. Nora is starting to freak out. He tells her about lensing. The idea is that someone gives off ultraviolet rays or something, causing everyone around them to lift off. 

The guy who was collecting water during the premiere was beaten up by John and friends. Erika fixed him up.

Erika finds Lily on the truck when she gets home. She takes her to Nora. Kevin left her on the car, but Erika finds out Nora had two other daughters.

There's a fundraiser for the girls. Everyone is going. 

The doctor calls again. Yes, she thinks Nora is a lens. Nora is almost ready to listen until she starts saying the demon Ezreal has chosen her as her instrument on earth and they have contacted the Vatican. 

A young kid leaves a pie on the Murphys' porch while Erika has her hearing aids out and she takes off after him as if he was the devil himself. Then she drives to see the old black man. He gave her a pie because she is hurting. They are family, after all. He asks if she wants to take a bird. Why the fuck would she want to do that?

At the RV park, Matt is still hanging in the stocks, but with pants on. He appears able to come and go when he pleases. 

Erika doesn't want Michael to ever talk with the old man again. Michael says everyone who asks forgiveness deserves it.

Laurie calls Nora. Tom is not with her. If he shows up there, please call her.

They're accepting donations at the fundraiser via paypal. 

George tells Nora the article he sent was horse shit and he informs her the DSD is working some of that stuff into the new questionnaire. Nora sits behind him in the fundraiser so she can steal said questionnaire while the program continues.

When the goat killer comes in, Erika has had enough. She stands up and tells everyone who has taken advantage maybe they're the reason, the bride who puts on her wedding dress every day when the visitors come by.

Nora leaves and goes to Erika's with the questionnaire. She asks her the questions. Erika admits whe was going to leave John. She explains the story of the bird and what wish she had for the bird on the day before Evie went missing. Nora ultimately says nobody can make you feel responsible for something that's not your fault. Erika turns the tables on Nora, who leaves upset.

At home, Kevin needs to talk. Has she notices he's going crazy? He lets her tie him up at night for god's sake. And he tells her about Patti. Erika throws a rock through their window.


The Leftovers
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The Leftovers Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

If the questionnaire says they lifted, maybe they lifted.


Erika: Let's just call this what it is.
John: Then what is it?
Erika: You need to hit people because you need to hit people.