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Kevin wakes up, again chained to the bed. Nora left him. She took the baby and a suitcase, according to Patty. Patty claims she has no idea where the key is. Someone is coming into the room. It's Jill. He asks for her to get the bolt cutters please.

Jill wonders who he's talking to. There is a letter for Kevin. "Mary and the baby are with me. Don't call."

Jill goes to see Michael at church. She says fuck and he wishes she'd not say it in the house of God. He also tells her that he talks to someone who isn't there. Oh, she wonders, Jesus? Is he the one who tells him they can fool around but they can't fuck? Nope. They can't do it because he barely knows her. He wants to be in love for that step. She walks out.

Kevin is at the hardware store. He wants help removing the other half of the handcuff. In order to pick it off, he's going to need to see his ID or something. Then Patty starts talking and Kevin tells her to shut the fuck up. Uh oh. It looks like he's saying it to the guy's grandson. Please leave.

When Kevin asks Patty why she's here, she makes up a really disgusting story then admits she has no idea why she's there. She killed herself and the next thing she knew, she was saddled with him. As Kevin is beging for her to go away, Michael rides his bike up beside the window.

Michael gets into the truck. He knows Kevin sees Patty and she dresses in white. Why? Because his grandfather told him. He'll take Kevin to see him if he wants to get rid of her.

Virgil asks Kevin to go into the house so they can go over it again. Just him. Patty is surprised.

If Kevin was asleep when he was here the last time, Virgil certainly couldn't tell. Kevin told him everything. How does Kevin get rid of Patty? He dies. It was here that he got the rope and cinder block. He has to cross over, do battle with his adversary and come back, reborn. John went to prison for attempted murder? It was Virgil's attempted murder. First Virgil hurt him a long time ago, and then he hurt him back. Virgil has to kill Kevin temporarily. Kevin throws Michael's bike out of the truck and hightails it out of there.

Kevin gets a call from the park rangers. Laurie is there. She doesn't have a reservation, so she can't come through. He goes to her. She respects his boundaries, but she needs to talk to Tommy. Nora told her he wasn't there, and she understands why she said that, but she really needs to talk to him. Kevin assures her Nora wasn't lying, and where is Nora?

Laurie is freaked out about Tommy. He's in touch with Jill. Kevin didn't even know he was with Laurie, and asks how he has been. Why is she here? What did Laurie do? Laurie wonders if Kevin is OK. Kevin screams...you don't leave! No!

Kevin goes to the firehouse, but men are being handprinted there. He turns around to leave, but John catches him. Did he get the flier? Huh? Oh, no, he's not here for the palm printing. He was hoping he could help him out with the handcuff. While he's here...

They scan in the hand print right there while Kevin is waiting for the cuff to be cut off, and they don't even have the cutters!

Kevin goes home and Jill asks him to please figure it out, whatever it is. He decides to go to Laurie's. He tells her about Patty. She's not around when Kevin is around he's around Laurie. Laurie says that makes perfect sense since if she was Laurie would be able to ask her questions to prove she's not real. After all, she probably knows her better than anybody.

Despite what you are not supposed to tell patients, Laurie tells Kevin he's in the midst of a psychotic break. Kevin argues with her. Patty is there. Laurie tells Kevin she knows this because she and Tommy used the vulnerability of others by telling them Tommy could take away people's pain just by hugging them. And they believed it. Every single person they laid their hands on. They would rather embrace magic than deal with feelings of guild and abandonment. That's why she joined a fucking cult. Now he's embracing the beliefs of the leader of that cult because he just wants to turn it off. She tells him he needs to take a vacation. He asks her to please come with him. He can get her a wristband if she hasn't changed her name. He needs help.

She doesn't think it's a good idea, but he persists.

At home, he calls for Jill before bringing Laurie into the house. It's like inviting a vampire over the threshold.

Out of the blue, Kevin apologizes for not getting a puppy when she wanted to get one. He thinks about it a lot. Laurie forgives him. Of course, Nora calls right at that moment. What does she say? Please stop calling me. She won't tell him where she is. Nora left a sign with the key. Kevin says she was blocking it. Oh. Kevin says he's trying to make her go away, but he needs to know if when he looks her in the eye and tells her she's gone that she'll believe him. He needs to know that if he does that, she'll believe him because he would never lie to her. She says she would believe him. Would she come back? She'd like that.

Laurie is still in the living room alone when Jill comes home. She runs upstairs. He's taken off the handcuff and left. He's gone to Virgil's house. He's going to try to get rid of Patty.

Virgil mixes up a concoction that will stop Kevin's heart. He has epinephrin which he'll pump back into Kevin's heart to get him going again. The guy on the pillar is a living breathing success story. Huh. Well. Kevin makes sure to tell him that he doesn't want to die. Down the hatch!

Or...not. Patty stops him. After all, they don't really know this guy. But, yes, she absolutely wants him to do it. He swallows it and dies. It's an ugly death. Not sugarcoated at all. And Virgil? He squirts the epinephrin right onto the floor. Then he blows his brains out.

Michael was outside. He comes in and pulls Kevin across the floor.

The Leftovers
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The Leftovers Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Kevin: Sound's like a fuckin' exorcism.
Virgil: You people and that movie.

Kevin: God dammit! Just shut up! What do you want!?
Patti: Sorry?
Kevin: What do you fuckin' want? If you want me to do something, just say it!
Patti: I'm glad you asked, Kevin. There is something you need to do.