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Matt has a video trained on Mary while they sleep to see whether she wakes up. He wants so badly to see change in her again. 

His love for her is so deep, and it's something we rarely see on television -- what it's like to care for someone with the issues she suffers, from putting lotin on her skin to creating meals for her feeding tube while eats a frozen burrito himself. It's heartbreaking from morning to night, but he never gives up hope.

Each day it begins again, the same routine. He's trying to recreate the exact same day in order for her to wake again. He finally pops, asking her why she came back for three hours and took it away from him again. It's not fair.

While Matt and Mary are waiting to cross the bridge to get to an appointment out of town, they close down the bridge when they have "runners" trying to get into town. Matt cannot believe what he's seeing as he drives through Miracle Park.

At the doctor, Matt carefully words what he's saying to medical personnel in the event anything gets back to the people at Jarden. He doesn't say anything about coming back for a while. While he's peeing, he drops his phone in the toilet. 

On his way out of the hospital, he's called back in to sign a waiver. They would have never administered a test if they had known she was pregnant. That's when he has to tell the man she was awake when she got pregnant, because he would never do that. 

Matt stops the car to help a stranger with his car trouble. He's too nice of a guy. When the guy sees his wrist band, you know it's all gong to be a mess. The man has a little kid, too, and they conk Matt on the head and break his wrist to get it. They're getting into Miracle.

Mary is awake when Matt comes to. She tells him she will lose the baby out here. By the time he gets to the car, she's already gone again. I she hearing voices or is she really talking to him? No matter, because the man disabled their car. Matt and Mary have to walk at least five miles into Jarden.

When Matt gets to Miracle Park, a punky guy greets him, he can get him in through the back. Matt isn't going to be able to get in. One of the Park guards lets him in to go to the visitors center to get a new wristband. Nobody is accessible through the phone and a man attending a wedding soon and a fight starts. 

Kevin gets John Murphy to help and he does. Thank God. But he discovers she woke up and they made love and that's not a story he can tell. People don't come here to get healed. One wife doesn't get healed over another. 

John forces Matt to promise to tell everyone that his new truth is that he was very sad, lonely and confused and that's how she got pregnant. John's a psychopath. The way he goes from angry and mean to trying to be light and friendly. Matt notices, asks and John leaves Matt to fend for himself. Matt will pay for bands if that's what it takes. 

Matt goes to see Elmer in the Miracle Park, but it's not going to be easy. Matt's trust is God is too much. He spots a cross and heads in that direction. Once there, a woman grills him to determine if he is really a man of god. And if he is, he has to hit another man and say Brian. A crowd gathers. He gets his money.

Matt and Mary go through a storm drain during a storm to try to get back into the town. While he's trying to cut through the gate, the water rushes them back through to the other side. Luckily Mary is not killed. Without a chair, Matt goes back to the camp. He puts Mary under someone's tarp. They yell at him to leave.

Suddenly Nora can be heard screaming his name.

They shove the two of them into the trunk, they won't be searched. Nora has sent an anonymous tip to about the girls being spotted and it's all hands on deck. She was right, they breeze through. Matt recites poetry to Mary in the trunk. 

There is an accident in the street. They're dead. It's the man whole stole his wristband. The boy is hiding in the bushes. Matt takes his wristband from his father and the boy offers Mary's to him. 

Matt decides he's leaving. He shouldn't have to hide. He asks Nora to care for Mary. Matt takes the hand of hte little boy and starts walking down the street. John Murphy drives up. Matt gives him his wristband and the little boy. He has no doubt Mary will wake up, and when she does, he'll be back. 

Until then, he's going over to the Park. He takes the place of the fellow in the stocks. It's his turn.

The Leftovers
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The Leftovers Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Don't you worry about that 90% business. Once we're back across that bridge, you'll be fine. You and the baby. You and the baby!


John: Was there?
Matt: What?
John: Any change in her condition?
Matt: No.
John: Except for the pregnant part.