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It's time to check in with the Guilty Remnant. Tom is now a part of it and Laurie is still chomping on Nicorette gum. Tom takes Susan to a meeting. Laurie is dressed regularly, as are those around her. Only Tom and Susan are dressed as the GR. Laurie's helping people to come back from the Guilty Remnant.

She's told by her landlord it's a commercial building and he'll need more money if she's going to stay because people are living there. It can handle day poops, but not night poops.

While she's holding a group meeting, two of the GR come in. They essentially terrorize her people.

When Tom goes to the hive, someone tells him his pain doesn't matter. Laurie takes Susan by her house. She sees her husband and child and Susan reunites with her son. At the next meeting, Susan doesn't understand why her husband would welcome her back home after two months. He should be angry with her. Susan then accuses Laurie of being angry. Tom brings Howard over, but Tom no longer looks pleased to be doing it. Is Laurie losing him?

At home, Laurie is writing. Tom is angry. Jill texted him. It's the day before his meeting with her. Laurie offers to drive him and wants to write Jill a note if he'll give it to her.

When they get back to the office, they've been thrown out. The landlord keeps Laurie's laptop. On it is her book. She intends on getting it back whether he wants to give it to her or not. She heads into his house. He has a Russian wife. It doesn't deter her at all. His child is playing a game on her laptop and she takes it and runs, the Russian in hot pursuit. She's exhilarated. She sees a couple GR walking in the road. She turns off the radio. They stands in the middle, smoking their Nicorette gum, taunting her. She revs the engine and plows their asses over. She turns the radio back on, washes her car and continues. She buys some more gum, prints out her book and mails it off.

Laurie meets with Susan and her husband to help them get reacquainted.

Tom asks a girl if she's OK and tells her he knows somewhere safe they can go. She blows the whistle on him. He's hanging in the laundry. Meg must be in charge of the GR now. She's come a long way. She appears in the laundry van, takes his pants off, strips off her undies and straddles him. That's some odd punishment. She just gets up and walks away. Two GR men walk in while he's still pantless and throw him outside the van, tossing gasoline onto his face. Meg lights a lighter, lights her cigarette and tells him to tell his mom Meg says hello.They uncuff him and give him his pants.

Laurie got a call about her book. She's buying an $829 suit, asking about the return policy.

Back home, Tom is understandably freaked out about Meg. But he's also upset because he thinks the GR knows something and they make sense. Laurie tries to dissuade him from the train of thought.

Susan isn't having a good time of it back at home, either. She's quiet, introspective and when she sees a note in her bag that says "Any Day Now!" she gets an odd look on her face. She's driving her family to the beach and drive them straight onto incoming traffic.

Laurie gets to the publisher and the receptionist tells her they love her book. She gets a call while she's in the lobby about Susan and her family. She's prepared to leave, but the agent walks right up at that moment.

While Peter the Publisher is asking Laurie to expand on her book and put feeling into it and talk about what it was like to lure Jill into a house so they could burn together, only so her first words after about a year could be Jill, screamed to the husband she left so he could run in and save her, HOW DID SHE FEEEEEEEL??? Laurie leaps across the room and knocks him onto the ground, strangling him. She ends up in jail.

Together, they decide it's time take a different tactic in the meetings. Tom tells the group the day before Wayne died he passed onto him his powers to take pain away. He apologizes to the group for holding back. He was afraid of what it would become, but he can't hold back. He can't let them be afraid anymore.

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The Leftovers Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Tell your mom Meg says hi.


Peter: We know what the Guilty Remnant does, but what do they believe?
Laurie: They believe the world ended.