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There's one of the Miracle quakes, and Nora is freaked out. Their sink is broken, and Kevin is nowhere to be seen. She knows Kevin's truck is here, but he's not. 

Nora cannot believe it when Erika is gone, and so are her friends. When she sees a dog running by with a leash attached, she goes into the house and faints, believing it's happened again. Another Sudden Departure.

When Nora wakes up, she unpacks the TV, plugs in her laptop, anything to get news. She calls 911, asking if it happened again. An earthquake? Not a fucking earthquake. As she's crying, Kevin walks in. With Patti, who trails him everywhere, even into the shower.

Nora isn't happy with Nora. At all. 

Kevin thinks he was sleepwalking. As they're talking about how bad it looks that he woke up in the same drained pond where Evie's car was found, the sheriff knocks asking if he'll help look for them because of his truck. 

Nora gives Kevin advice on how to make it look like he just lost his phone today, but he doesn't tell her he woke up with his foot tied to a cinder block.

Kevin can't remember his new address when someone scans his wrist. John vouches for him. Nora stops in a prayer circle where her brother is saying some words. She leaves just as abruptly.

People rush to the pond to scoop up as little water as they can, leaving the poor fish to flop around.

Jill asks Michael for help with their sink. While there, he notes that his sister is no longer with them. But people like her don't normally understand. What kind of people? People who don't believe in God.

At the pond, nothing is found. Not Kevin's phone nor the girls. But there was a handprint on the car. Uh oh. Nora isn't pleased. With anything. She goes to the liquor store, sans wallet, and meets Virgil. He says he's sorry for her loss. 

Patti asks Kevin why he didn't tell Nor about the whole cinder block tied around his leg thing. Worried she'd jump to conclusions? Patiy screams at him not to get into the car, which is just pulling up. John Murphy. He almost listens. But doesn't. John's drinking and driving. Asking Kevin questions to which he knows the answers, such as...did the quake wake him up? Kevin says yes, it woke them up. But John knows Nora was calling for Kevin as he rode off.

The wind up at the Miracle camp. John says to stay at the car. He's arguing with some guys he thinks did something to Evie. John is on his way to the guy's house that he burned down to see if it was him that took his daughter because he said things would go bad for him. Kevin tried to do the hard work for him since he was a cop, but he was duped. Instead, John busts into the house and gets shot. Ain't nothing more dangerous than a man who don't believe in nothing.

In the car, John calls Erika to tell her he was shot. 

Nora arrives home. She and Jill drink, talking about Secondary Departures. Nora wonders if Kevin's sleepwalking is related to that. She also thinks the Sudden Departure was a one time event. The flood happened three years ago, the ark took on all the people it needed. That's it. Why would they need anymore?

John and Kevin are with Erika, and she's tending to his bullet wound. 

Nora wants to know from Matt is this place is real. She only came because he said it was special. He reveals Mary woke up on their very first night. They talked for hours and cried in each other's arms. Nobody in the town wants him to talk about what happened. He has no idea why. He doesn't question it. He knows it's real.

Jill takes the pliers back to Michael. Michael breaks down, and Jill takes him in her arms.

Erika chats with Kevin about there not being miracles at Miracle, and Evie not playing a joke in the woods. She knows nobody would want to hurt her, and believes that with the loss of Evie, things are going to change.

The Leftovers
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The Leftovers Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

I know exactly where your phone is. I know exactly what happened to those girls, too. All you have to do is ask.


Nora: Are you OK?
Ericka: Evie didn't come home last night. She was out with her friends, and they're gone too.
Nora: Gone?

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