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Meg does a few lines of coke before meeting with her mother. This may be a flashback. She wanted to pay for the wedding. She says she's relentless. She writes her mom a check dated the next day, October 14. She goes back into the bathroom for a couple more snorts of coke. Dealing with her mother really doesn't go well.

Her mother is on the floor receiving CPR. 

Meg is holding hands with some fellow on a bus. They're at Miracle. They're doing the audio tour and the whole nine yards. Jarden is surrounded by the Miracle State Park. The glassed hole in the street? Caused by a gas explosion on Oct 14. Left as it was as a reminder. The audio tour takes them past Cecilia in her wedding dress. She sits in the front yard on display. Weird. 

They get to a house with an unknown number. Meg stops anyway. Inside is a psychic who has been giving readings only a few weeks, but who is supposed to be the real deal. 

She tells Isaac people say she's lucky since she knows where her mom went. He disagrees. She lost her mama and the very next day nobody gave a shit about either of them because they thought the world was ending.

Meg wants to know what her mother was going to say before she want to go pee at the restaurant. Isaac doesn't want to tell her because she'll be disappointed. She thinks he's a liar. Until he tells her about the walnuts. We don't get to hear what he told her, but she lies to her boyfriend, saying Isaac wasn't the real deal.

Later Meg cries into her mother's sweater. Evie walks up and offers to her a baby carrot. She says you can't cry when you're eating them. It's impossible. 

Before Meg gets onto the bus, she spits onto the ground of Miracle. 

Meg has become a terrorist. Back home, as the Guilty Remnant, she stops a school bus, gets on board and tosses a grenade down the aisle. Leaving the children screaming in terror, they close the doors with a metal rod and walk off. We're left wondering if the grenade was live or dead.

Her people wonder why the bus. Why not? Why does she have to just stand outside the doors of people when she can put their cigarette out in their eye? THAT's a reminder. The others wonder if she's planning her own event on October 14. Why the plastic explosives? She likes violence. 

She gets a file thrown at her of Tom. He's hugging their pain away. At one of Tom's sessions, Meg walks into the room. As Tom hugs away Meg's pain, she whispers into his ear that she can do this for real.

Tom is pissed. Laurie just wants people to get better. Tom doesn't want to steal people's money. He feels like she's pimping him out so she doesn't have to run people over anymore and leave her whole fucking family. She hits him. He walks out. That's likely the last she sees of him. He never told her what Meg said.

While he's sleeping on a park bench, a woman drops off a dog, tells him to stay and drives away. It's heartbreaking. 

He's totally wasted and goes to the place he was when the whistle was blown that brought meg to him. He wants Meg. He's being kicked in the gut repeatedly when she arrives. 

When Meg says he's not looking for THIS but for a family, Tom says if he was looking for family, he'd move to Texas. She laughs. The two of them are on their way to Jarden.

She seems to have plans with the bridge in Jarden. Blow it up?

Tom asks Meg why she fucked him. He knows why the gasoline was poured, and why the message was sent, just not why she fucked him. She doesn't answer. They dance. She wanted to get him pregnant.

They arrive at a farm. Some kid apparently got off a bike trail and "saw" something. She wants to stone him. Well, she wants others to stone him. She goes into a building and lets others do the work.

One of her followers tells Tom Megan is going to change EVERYTHING.

Megan gets to the Miracle camp. She's eyeballing the bridge that runs over the camp and into Jarden. Matt sees her there. He can't believe she's talking, believing she left the Remnant. Meg doesn't think it's fair that the people across the bridge aren't suffering like everyone else. Matt doesn't think she's being entirely honest with him. 

She wonders what Matt is waiting for. Jarden is so close. It's right there. It's so close, but they're not doing anything to get it. Does he want to know? Yes. They're all waiting for her.

Tom goes into the space in which Meg came out. There is a silver VW type trailer inside. It's locked, so he breaks in. Inside is Evie. She and her friends are safe.



The Leftovers
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The Leftovers Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

You lose your mama and then the very next day people don't give a shit about you or her because they think the world is endin'. That ain't lucky.


Boyfriend: There's no number. Why you stopping?
Meg: There's a man in there who can help me.
Boyriend: Jesus, Meg, another psychic?
Meg: I've heard amazing things about him.