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Kevin Garvey is in a bathtub, he is practically reborn as he slithers down onto the bathroom floor. He recognizes nothing, but it looks like a hotel room. The TV turns on and off again just as suddenly.

Know first who you are and then adorn yourself accordingly is what the sign on the door says. Inside the closet are four outfits. One priest, one flowing white garment, one plain suit and a Mapleton policeman's uniform. He chooses the suit.

Once dressed, there is a knock on the door. Someone has flowers for Mr. Harvey. He says it's Garvey. No, it's Harvey. He accepts them anyway. In his wallet are euros. The man delivery comes inside and tried to kill him. A fight ensues. Kevin wins. Wonderful, somewhat comical of a ballet or opera, music erupts. Nabucco: Chorus of The Hebre Slaves, to be exact.

Breathless, he finds a kit and cleans the stab wound on his hand, places a do not disturb sign on his door and goes to the elevator. A fire alarm is flickering. He takes the stairs in case of fire. There is a little girl standing outside looking at the pool on its edge. People everywhere are looking up. There is a bird in the hotel. He asks a woman about the flowers. All flowers come through the concierge. Virgil is the concierge. Kevin finally loses his cool. Up until that moment, Kevin was totally with it, going with the flow. Virgil acts as if he doesn't know him, but then writes him a message. Meet in the parking garage in five minutes.

Kevin goes down the stairs and sees the little girl floating face down in the pool. He runs and pulls her out of the pool, beginning CPR and calling for help. A fat man comes out and yells at the little girl. She doesn't know how to swim!

The parking garage is dark and wet. Lights are flickering. There are very few cars. Lights in what appears to be the only car flicker upon his arrival. Virgil asks what happened, why he's wet. No matter what happens, don't drink the water.

Kevin has absolutely no idea what's going on, but the gist of it is he's playing out a story in this world. Kevin has checked in as Kevin Harvey, international assassin. His target? Patti, who is running for president of the United States. They will call for him in his room and he will go to her room and shoot her. But be careful, because she will try to fool him.

While he's out in another fire drill, he sees balloons. They're for Mary Jamison. He sees her down the hallway. Then another man asks if he's Kevin Harvey and gets the jump on him. He's suddenly cuffed to a chair and attached to a sort of lie detector test. They get his real name. Every time he lies, they spray windex into his eyes. He admits that he smokes to remember the world ended. Did we even know that? Wow. The one question that he got right was saying he just wanted to be in the same room with her. He's allowed to go free and await seeing seeing the senator.

His dad shows up on the TV. He's fucked up on the shit they gave him in Perth. He can't believe they're in the same room. He says he's not an assassin. He has to take her to the well. Be strong. He loves him. Kevin doesn't know what well his dad is talking about. It's too late for clarity, he's been called for. It's time to see Patti. Did he even get the gun from the toilet?

He has no time to get the gun out of the bathroom. Someone else is in there when he tries to get the gun. The guy in there is sure he knows Kevin. And he looks familiar, because it's Holy Wayne. He says he feels like he was sitting on the toilet the last time he met Kevin. This version of Holy Wayne is very weird.

It's going to have to be the well. The first thing Patti asks is why someone would want to assassinate her. When she chats about a baby she had to give to an orphanage because someone left it with her, she notes the inability to give and accept love is no longer a difficulty. It's a strength. It's a survival mechanism. She talks about how on October 14th, attachment and love became extinct. It became clear you could lose anyone at any time. On that day, our cave collapsed. We can spend all our time digging, looking through the rubble for signs of life, or you could transform. How did he first hear of the Guilty Remnant? 

When Kevin mentions Neil, Patti asks her guard to shoot him in the face. Hahahahaha. She was just kidding. Lighten up! She even mentions Neil and his shits. He goes to the bathroom to get the gun and starts shooting. The catch? Patti says she is a decoy. She's Rhonda Genero from Massachusetts. They found her on Facebook. They gave her plastic surgery to look more like her. But Virgil said she'd pull out all the stops to fool him. He stoots her. Since he doesn't disappear, well, she was probably a decoy. Oh shit. Kevin goes to see Virgil and the dude isn't Virgil. He drank the water. He kills the bird right in front of Kevin.

In the elevator, Kevin notices the cut on his hand is healed. Kevin can't get back into his room. The fat bastard with the little girl across the way can't, either. They decide to drink together in the hallway. The guy tells Kevin he's stuck in the crazy hotel, and he can't find a single person to take a dump on him. He's been stuck in there since the little girl in the room.... It's Patti. Apparently THAT's the real Patti who's pulling stunts on Kevin. Neil tells him he shoulda let that fat cunt drown. Kevin kills Neil. Virgil sees her as a little girl, too, so that appears to be the way Patti is in death for all to see. Now Kevin knows where they're going. To the well in Jarden, TX. Little Patti tells Virgil Kevin's going to throw her into the well. Virgil says then he hopes she has her swimsuit.

When they get to Jarden, Patti acts just like little Patti, taunting him with chicken clucking sounds saying he's yellow bellied when he stops at the bridge. Kevin has no problem tossing Patti in the well. None of this is real, he tells a man at the bridge. The man says either jump or continue. Kevin doesn't understand why it would be an issue. Before he crosses, the man whispers into his ear. Kevin returns to get Patti and crosses the bridge. They have to walk the next mile.

Little Patti tells Kevin all of the reasons she deserves to go into the well, she's worthless, she talks too much, she's a fat pig. Maybe it would be easier if he pushes her? If she closes her eyes? Maybe she can... Kevin pushes her in. He almost throws up. Then big Patti is inside the well, asking for help. He falls in trying to climb in after her. Did she ever tell him she was on Jeopardy? It was her plan to win $50,000 so she could leave Neil and start over. She won three nights in a row. $65,300, more than she needed to start over. But she didn't. She tells Kevin she's scared. He holds her in his arms and then drowns her in the well, sobbing, as she struggles.

There is a quake. The well crumbles down and he suddenly arises out of the ground, reborn once more, this time in the woods. Michael is shocked as shit to see him. Holy shit, he says.

The Leftovers
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The Leftovers Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Kevin: It's not a fucking hotel. Someone just tried to kill me.
Virgil: Oh.
Kevin: Oh?!
Virgil: Well, it makes sense. It's a pitfall of your chosen occupation.
Kevin: Which is what?
Virgil: Look at the way you're dressed man. You're an international assassin.
Kevin: Are you fucking serious?
Virgil: That is why you checked into the hotel, isn't it?
Kevin: I didn't check into the hotel. I, I drank that shit that you gave me and then I woke up in a bathtub.
Virgil: OK, Kevin, you have to stop thinking in such straight lines, because she surely will not be. She thinks in spirals and helixes and zig zags and circles.
Kevin: Patti?
Virgil: Your target.

Kevin: What the fuck is happening?
Virgil: The fire alarm is going off, sir, and we have a bird loose in the lobby.