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It's all coming together. We're going to see what happened on the first night the Garveys moved into Jarden.

Evie runs off after saying happy birthday to John and giving him the best gift he's ever received. The smile on her face belies everything they are about to do. There is no doubt it was all planned beforehand. Her friend, driving the car, starts to cry. Evie wipes away her tears from her spot in the backseat. She is already speaking with Sharpies. Don't, she writes to her.

At the water, they carefully stage the scene, placing their phones and backpacks just so, putting up the music to a very loud level. Looking down into the water, they see Kevin jump holding his cinder block. They don't shout for him to stop. They do nothing but walk away.

The world starts to quake. We shift to Kevin breaking through the earth after his stay in Purgatory. "Holy shit," Michael says.

Kevin guzzles water like he's never tasted it before. "How long?" Kevin asks. Eight hours. Patti is gone. Is she still with him? No. She's gone. Virgil told Michael to bury Kevin. Virgil is gone, too. Michael wants to know if his grandfather helped Kevin. Yes, a lot. Kevin tells Michael it was like a hotel, and he didn't see Evie there. He saw her somewhere else, though. He needs to talk to John.

John is sitting at his dining room table, drinking booze and staring at the unopened gift Evie gave him. It's October 14. They normally go to church on this day to remember. He has no intention of doing that. Erika grabs the gift from his hands. She's going to open it. When she does, her face goes slack, and she hands it to him. It's the cricket.

John says she found it. No, she didn't, Erika says. She heard it chirp the whole night after Evie went missing. She must have found another one and put it in the box. Why would she do that? Because he wouldn't let it go.

There is a knock at John's door. There was a match to the hand print. John immediately gets a gun, and with the support of the local law enforcement, he goes next door. Laurie opens the door. He wonders if Kevin is really coming back, just as Kevin and Michael walk into the yard. "Print matched?" Indeed it did. Kevin wants to talk inside. John wants to talk somewhere "neutral." Michael thinks that is a ride away. John wonders what Michael was doing with him. Michael asks John to listen to what Kevin has to say. They drive off.

Laurie and Jill have a argument, but in a positive spin, Jill does not ask her mother to leave when Laurie asks her if that's what she would want.

Nora is with Mary and Lily at Matt's house. At first, she puts on the song that Matt played everyday, but then Nora puts on news, speaking of October 14 survivors. It's fairly depressing talk, a fellow named Andy discussing his wife who isn't ready to have a new baby. When Nora gets angry and slams the radio to the ground saying, "Fix that, Jesus," the world rocks as if in answer to her request. Mary wakes.

Nora immediately takes her to the campground. She's a little confused, but otherwise OK. Nora hasn't told her about the baby. Matt doesn't want her at the camp. Nora has to take her back as soon as she can. Does she remember the night she woke up? Of course she remembers. They had sex. Matt thinks the only reason it happened was because of that town.

Nora walks off for ten minutes to feed Lily. She'll be back and will take Mary back then. She walks past Tom, who is with Meg.

Meg remembers Nora, who once sprayed her with a hose. She liked her. Meg wonders if Tom is worried for his family. Tom says no, there is no family. Meg says he doesn't get it. That's not the point at all. Family is everything. Now is the time.

Meg is on the bridge, she wants to go into the town. The security guard says it's a time for the townsfolk to reflect. On what? Nothing happened to the town. Why do they need to reflect? Unless she has a wristband or special dispensation, she has to turn around. Will 35 pounds of plastic explosives work? She rushes the bridge and leaves the vehicle and the camper on it.

The scream for Meg to lay face down. As she does so, the girls climb out of the camper.

John and Kevin are at the dog pound. If Kevin will tell John where his daughter is, John will let Kevin take his dog home. Kevin doesn't know where Evie is, but he knows she didn't depart. He explains how she staged it and how he knows.

John refuses to believe any of it, not that Kevin died and came back and certainly not that Evie made up her disappearance.

Kevin says maybe Evie didn't love her family as much as John thought, but before Kevin can finish, John shoots him in the heart. John walks outside. They found Evie.

Evie and her two friends are standing on the bridge, dressed in Guilty Remnant garb, in front of the trailer, smoking cigarettes. Evie holds up a Sharpie sign. One hour.

Everyone in the camp starts to cheer with happiness. "Blow it up!" They chant over and over. John cannot believe it.

Erika and Michael are in church, completely unaware of what is happening. While the preacher is recalling how lucky they were on October 14, Michael stands up and whispers into the ear of the preacher. He wants to say a few words. He tells a story his mother often does. It's a story of him and Evie when they were five years old, together in the bathtub. Evie always said she did it just to see what happened. Michael tells the truth now. He turned on that water to drown out Evie's cries as she mourned John being gone in prison. They didn't lose anyone on Oct. 14, but they did before, and after. They have not been spared. John comes into the church.

Erika runs across the bridge to embrace Evie, who does not return the embrace nor show any emotion whatsoever. Erika doesn't recognize these girls. She's in the deepest despair.

Some freak in the camp continues to scream at Nora -- that's not your baby, she doesn't belong to you. "Shut the fuck up!" Nora screams.

Erika wonders if they're all going to blow themselves up. Many in the camp below begin to take off their clothes and change into Guilty Remnant garb. The football sign shows less than 30 seconds left. John screams for Erika to get off the bridge. If Evangaline is going to blow up the bridge, then she's going to have to blow her mother up, too. Evie begins to show some emotion. Erika says the bus is empty. Everyone looks around, unsure, frightened. Matt climbs up to his perch. The GR is infiltrating in a much different way, they're taking over the town.

Matt takes Mary back in, and seconds afterward, the freak lady takes Lily, "She's not yours."

Lily is on the bridge alone and almost trampled. Nora drops and protects her. Tom finds her and gives her a hand. The go back into the van. They're safe. For now.

Kevin is back in the hotel. "Mother fucker. Mother fucker!!!!" He immediately puts on the TV, screaming for his dad. "I'm not fuckin' doin' this again," he says. This time, he identifies with his old self, the Mapleton Police Chief. He gets a call. They're aware this isn't his jurisdiction, but something terrible is happening in the lobby. Another officer is being attacked in the lobby. They think they're going to kill him!

The lobby looks a little different than it did the last time he was here. People are singing Karaoke, including the fellow who was on the bridge the last time he passed. It was his voice on the phone. No riot here, although he's sure the crowd could turn on anyone if their voice is shit. He wonders why Kevin should go back when everybody else has to stay. He says he already told him. If he wants to get out of here, all he has to do is sing. The trial is too easy? It's beneath him? Hell, he pushed a little girl into a well, he doesn't want to sing?

Homeward Bound is the song he gets to sing. His dog waits and the two stumble out into what's left of Miracle after he wakes. How he's even standing? No idea. Good God the feels.

Kevin stumbles into the Miracle National Park Welcome Center and finds Meg and her group. He asks what she's doing here, she asks the same. He says he lives here. Meg and Evie start singing the town song. Kevin just walks out.

Miracle is immediately one of the worst places to live. It looks very much like the camp now. Fires burn, there is rioting. Whores and alcohol. They're just recreating the same sty they had out in the camp right in the middle of time square.

Kevin aims for the emergency center. There is nothing that can help him, really. He slides down the wall, leaving a terrible trail of blood. John comes in screaming. "Hey John." John says he should have killed him. Nope, Kevin says. John says he should have bled out by now. Kevin laughs a little. They both do, and John offers to clean it out. They walk all the way home. Friends at last. John disappears inside as a quake hits.

Kevin goes inside. Jill, Laurie, Matt, Mary, Tom, Lily and Nora are all there waiting for him. He's home.

The Leftovers
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The Leftovers Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Kevin: Print matched?
John: Indeed it did.
Kevin: We should talk.

Erika: Where have you been?
Michael: At your dad's.
Erika: I thought I told you not to go over there anymore.
Michael: I won't.