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The Perfect Strangers theme song is the theme song for the night.

Nora is questioning someone about a missing person. It was the man who normally stood on the pillar. He wanted to suffer. His wife was arrested trying to crucify him, so he went up on the pillar to do something different. She claims to have seen him depart. His reward. 

Everybody who "saw" the Sudden Departure saw something different. His wife saw him dim out. Another dude saw him pop like a bubble. Another said they saw the preacher with his wife, Sandy.

The man had a heart attack and fell from the pillar. Matt buried him. Nora wants to dig him up.

Nora and Kevin have a completely different way of handling the people amassed in town. She's pragmatic, he's willing to give them their fantasies.

Nora gets her cast off and the doctor asks about what an orderly saw a month earlier. Just before entering the hospital, she slammed her arm in the car door.

Now why on earth would I do that, she wonders.

Once outside, she gets a call from Mark Linn-Baker. They've asked if she wants to see her kids again. Not easily suckered, she goes to George at DSD headquarters to get travel approved. Baker faked his departure and lived in Mexico for three years. Now he's running a carrot stick out of St. Louis.

When she tries to check in at the airport, she can't check in automatically, because the kiosk keeps asking her if she is traveling with an infant on her lap. She thinks back to standing outside her front door, holding Lily and asks to use another kiosk.

Nora meets with Mark, who just had a suit created and tailored for him in under two hours. He then takes her phones and dumps it in the toilet.

He launches off into a discussion of Low Amplification Danziger Radiation. They want to blast it with that radiation so it goes wherever it goes. No one would let them build the unit. It's mobile. 

Nora is skeptical. Mark gives to her some thumb drives with information, including testimonials of all who have gone through. A Nobel Laureate went through, Mark himself has two degrees from Yale. Four series regulars. Three go, one stays. Do you know the odds? Nora does, all too well.

Back in her room, Nora lights up a cigarette and starts watching the testimonials. 

Nora is trying to get to her next destination, but cannot get the electronic mapping to work in the car, so must use old-fashioned maps to get around. She seems to get lost, ending up at a playground where she sees Lily. With tears in her eyes, she gets out of the car when a little boy takes her sand shovel. She gives the shovel back and a girl walks up to Nora. It's Christine. Why is she here? She says she's here on business. Lily asked who she was. Nora leaves crying.

More electronic equipment continues to malfunction around Nora. She can't use the parking exit although she already paid.

Nora finally goes to Erika. Nora tells her why she broke her arm. She had Erin and Jeremy tattooed on her arm, but decided to cover it up with a tattoo of the Wu Tang "Band." Not only is Erika having an easier go of it because she got to bury Evie, but she bought a trampoline.

The two friends get their asses on the trampoline and jump. It's hard to be unhappy when you're on a trampoline.

Christine called Tom to tell him about Nora. She's worried Nora will go after her. Apparently, Christine went after Nora to get her baby back. Nora didn't put up a fight and gave the child back willingly. She wished Tom had never left the baby for her. He didn't even know she existed. 

Nora, not willing to allow people who didn't suffer through the pain of a sudden departure pass off the loss of a loved one as such, gets a picture of the pillar man's body in autopsy printed in a giant format and places it at the pillar. Sandy condemns the heartless bitch to hell.

Nora arrives home to another surprise. Kevin inside a plastic drycleaning bag. Nora doesn't need an explanation. By this point, she's seen it all. When she gets a call about the next step. She lies to Kevin about why. He wants to go with her.

A guy in Australia hits a kangaroo with his car and shoots it in the head.

They're getting ready for October 15. He's the Chief of Police. His guy is closing up shop because nothing is going to happen. Dude wonders if he's a psychic. <P>

Four women on horses were at the Chief of Police's place. They need his help. His name? Kevin. Grace Playford is in charge, and she says "I know who you are," spouts a little bible verse and then one of her friends darts him when he responds inappropriately. Then he's tied to a seesaw and drowned in water, all the while, Grace is sure, "It's him." Of course, we know it's not him.

Kevin Garvey, Sr. is in their house.


The Leftovers
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The Leftovers Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

Doctor: Ms. Durst, I'm sorry if this seems inappropriate, but one of the orderlies, he said he saw you in the parking lot last month before you came in? I'm sure it's just a misunderstanding, but he said that he saw you slam your car door on your arm. On purpose.
Nora: Now, why in God's name would I do that?

If we can't have a sense of humor about you being the messiah, we're going to have a problem.