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Kevin Garvey Sr. is listening to a tape recording from when Kevin Jr. was a boy. Kevin got a tape recorder and recorded everything back in the day. It's currently Sr. lifeline.

Kevin was always worried about life, even ducklings dying if their little heads were underwater too long. Sr. assured him it was alright.

Sr. is watching, recording and later mimicking an aboriginal dance. He gets arrested for doing so. He's not supposed to be on the lands.

The officials want to keep Sr's tapes, but he begs to keep the one that says Niagra '81. It's him and his kid from a long time ago and is really important to him.

Kevin asks his dad about Travis killing the president, but Sr. tells him it's not true, because John saw it in a movie and go the idea to try to kill the president, who is fine. 

Sr. is off to find Christopher Sunday. He also had his mail forwarded to a post office nearby. Inside the mail? The sequel to the bible. 

There is also money. Sr. takes a hundred dollar bill and folds it in one of the pages and stuffs it inside a copy of National Geographic. He begins looking through the bible, screaming "Mother fucker!" to the sky.

He calls Mary looking for Matt. He's incredibly angry there's not a word in the book about him. 

Right after talking to Matt, the rain starts. Sr. is stuck in a phone booth. Using the "bible" as a rain hat, he runs into the nearest shelter and tosses the book into the garbage.

There is a wanted poster up for Sr. on a woman's wall. Her name is Sharon. He charms her long enough to get what he needs and cuts and runs. 

He meets Chris Sunday, who recognizes Sr. to be scared. Sr. shares his story of hearing voices starting just after the Sudden Departure. The last thing they told him was to go to Australia. No specificity. He's been on the quest all this time. 

God's Tongue was hooch that gave him two week's worth of missing memories. Tony the Chicken was the first thing he saw upon waking.

He goes to see Tony. Tony gave him fucking purpose by pecking at the pack holding the '81 tape. 

There are times when "fuck" feels horribly wrong and there are times when it feels as if nothing can possibly work other than it. This is it.

Sr. sang itsy bitsy spider to Kevin and stopped the rain. It's up to Sr. to find all the songs and sing them to stop the flood. Chris makes him a deal. Fix the one on his roof first. He's got a deal.

While on the roof, the authorities come, and Sr. falls off the roof. In the ambulance, Sr. freaks out, annoying the ambulance driver to the point he's kicked out in the middle of nowhere without shoes and no way to get home. The driver tosses him a pair of crutches.

Sr. is crutching his way through the desert when he sees a VW bug coming out. A dude gets out of the car, douses himself in gasoline and begins gibberish.

After the man burns himself and the car, he screams to god that he knows what he's trying to do, but it's not going to work. The asshole can't stop him!

When it begins to rain, Sr. tosses himself onto his pack in an attempt to save his recorder. When the sun is up, he tries drying it. Playing it reveals things are not going well. He finally breaks.

Coming across a sneak, Sr. apologizes to his "totem" which he must eat in order to survive. The snake is not fully dead despite beating it severely, and he's bitten. He wraps the bite as best as he can and sets out again, coming to a large tree, a cross and a monument in the middle of the desert.

It's there where Sr. might take his last breath.

He pulls out the According to Kevin page and scribbles a note. As he's beginning pass out, he sees someone riding up on horseback. He utters a gruff "help."

Sr. wakes up in a bed being watched by a dog, being infused with liquids and with a catheter. He rips out both and manages to use the telephone to call Matt. 

It's been three weeks since they last talked. Matt cannot believe Sr. threw the book away. Angry words are spoken and they hang up.

Sr. finds people outside building a boat for the flood. Sure, they could give him a ride to the hospital, but Chris Sunday is dead.

Sr. starts searching around for things to eat in the house, and finds Caleb's arthritis medicine. Caleb is the dog. He also finds a photo album in the freezer. 

When he wakes, he goes onto the porch. The women have just killed Kevin on the see saw.

Sr. wakes up in bed again, this time a woman is sitting across from him looking through bags of shoes.

Grace is her name. She shares that she just killed a man. It took her two days to get back home, but her family had disappeared in the church with all the others during the rapture.

But two years later, the bodies of her children were found. They didn't know she was still alive, and she never looked for them because she had no reason not to believe they were taken.

The memorial where Sr. fell is where they were found.

She found the page inside the Nat Geo and believed Kevin she drowned was Kevin with a message just for her.  

The Leftovers
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The Leftovers Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Kevin Sr.: OK. Since you clearly weren't listening the first time I told you, I'm not a part of Kevin, Jr.'s story, he's a part of mine. He's the one who guided me here. He's the reason I'm here.
Matt: I'm sorry. When did this happen?
Kevin Sr.: When he was eight years old.
Matt: Well, children don't feature prominently in scripture.
Kevin Sr.: What about Abraham's kid?
Matt: He was 36 years old.
Kevin Sr.: No, when he tried to sacrifice him.
Matt: He was a grown man, 36 years old.
Kevin Sr.: That makes no fuckin' sense at all.

Sheriff: What are you doing?
Kevin, Sr.: Preventing the apocalypse. What are you doing?