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A family of three from long ago, the puritan times, belongs to their local church. Their minister is telling them the end is nigh, and giving them exact dates. On each of those dates, they climb up onto the roof of their barn. 

After so many tries, the wife is abandoned by her husband and son due to her continued endeavor. The townspeople laugh at her the last time she climbs down. 

She walks over to the church to find others lying on the floor, body by body, and she takes her place behind them all. 

As they scroll through the line of those dressed in white, we are taken to the modern day cult, and Evie wakes to see Meg. Evie wants to know what they're waiting for. Meg begins talking about Sigfried and Roy and their Vegas act. 

Evie runs outside. The authorities who have been surrounding them are fleeing. A plane overhead drops something onto them. It's a bomb.

Three years later, the site is rubble. 

Kevin is the chief of police. He rides a white horse named Eddie. Everyone coming into Miracle is welcome. They no longer need wristbands. Kevin leads the people past the old visitors' center and into town.

Tom is one of Kevin's cops. A few kids have put up a giant Gary Busey. He's departed and coming back on the 14th. If he doesn't have the giant balloon Busey to help hone his landing, how is he going to know where to go? Kevin makes the kids his deputies. Problem solved.

Matt begins a sermon, which airs to the masses outside the church via loudspeaker. It's about the importance of seven years in the bible. It's coming up on seven years since the Sudden Departure. Matt's sure if something were to happen on the anniversary, it would happen here in Jarden.

Kevin approves overtime for the police force for until the end of time. Nora says a thing or two about missing people. If they're a departure, they go through her. No questions.

She has a cast and asks Kevin to scratch her back. They get close and snuggly.

Kevin gets a guest, the guy who used to shoot the dogs in New York. Kevin is really uncomfortable. Dean has decided men are taking the form of dogs. He has brought a sandwich to Kevin for DNA testing. He's sure there is canine DNA in there, where a Wyoming senator took a bite.

Or dogs are taking the form of men.

Kevin tells him it's not real, it's all in his head, at the same time he imagines himself pushing child Patti into the well. 

John is talking to a guy about his dead dad.

Apparently, he's working with Laurie.

Kevin tells Laurie about Dean. She's worried about him being truthful with a dude right in the middle of a psychotic break.

It's time for Tom's birthday. When they're all sitting around outside talking about being 25, on Kevin's 25th birthday, he met Laurie and she already had Tom. She clipped the back of his cruiser and they got married a year later.

Kevin and Nora don't have Lilly any longer.

In the morning, Kevin watches Nora ride off on her bike. Kevin gets out his dress uniform and a box marked cufflinks.

Inside is duct tape.

He takes the plastic from around his dress blues and duct tapes it around his head. Kevin is not feeling groovy.

He's off to work. The church was doing baptisms when a group of teens showed up to remember the dead Guilty Remnant who were assassinated three years ago on October 15 by poisoning the water.

While everyone is fighting, Kevin climbs the rocks and jumps into the water in rather dramatic fashion.

He sees the containers were empty. It's a prank. Kevin is baptized.

On their way home, Tom wonders about the reality of the deaths of the Guilty Remnant. Suddenly there are gunshots. Dean is in the streets trying to take them out. Tom is not hit and saves his dad.

Kevin talks about killing Patti and her armed security detail to Tom as if it was real. Tom is confused. Then a dog grabs the sandwich from Dean.

Mary is leaving Jarden with Noah. She's leaving Matt. Kevin can't believe she'd leave after everything Matt did for her.

Then Mary tells Kevin about the book. When Kevin gets to the church, Matt, Michael and John all share the news about the book. They believe he's more than a man named Kevin.

When Kevin gets outside, he wants to burn the book. There are 13 days to go and it's written in the sky by airplanes.

Pigeons are flying in the air, which takes us to another location. A woman is gathering pigeons and cycling with them in a cage. They carry messages, much as they did early in the hour with the folks at the church.

She takes them back to a church and a community garden. They are in Australia. The woman at the church is surprised there are so many so close together. The woman is named Sara. The church woman asks if the name Kevin means anything to her. The woman on the bike looks up. She looks, and sounds, exactly like Nora.

The Leftovers
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The Leftovers Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

Kevin: We got a problem. We need to keep it between you and me.
Laurie: OK
Kevin: Dogs are taking on human form and infiltrating the highest positions in the federal government.

I heard what you said in there, and you said nothing's going to happen on the 14th unless everything happens on the 14th.