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A woman is talking to Laurie in her practice about how her baby departed. She was once pregnant with triplets, but they didn't stick. They got serious about adoption, then five years later, she got pregnant. But then her six-month-old son departed. Laurie is struck dumb during their appointment. She doesn't know what to tell the woman. She just doesn't know.

Laurie's answer was to go to the bathroom and OD. She wrote a note, put it on the outside of her door, took it off and rethought her decision. A version of Metallica was playing in the background. She held the note and laid down on the couch.

Metallica swelled, she got her ipecac, drank it and began to vomit. Laurie was not going to die. She redressed from all in black to all in white, and went outside to those two assholes in the street and asked them what to do.

In the present, Laurie is driving up to Grace's place. She says hi to Sr. They're still as close as ever. She gives to him a copy of the book from Matt and his apology that he wasn't a part of it. Laurie, though, wants to be a part of whatever is going down at Grace's place.  

Laurie, Matt and Nora are doing some sleuthing in search of the physicists who turned Nora down for the trip to the other side.

Back at the house, Senior is telling his story about meeting Grace and what they want to do with Kevin. Laurie takes it all with a grain of salt.  She thinks it's a lot to put on a guy, but says she won't "jam everyone up."

Back to the stakeout, Laurie wants to know about the suicide device. Nora assures her if she wanted to commit suicide, she'd go scuba diving. They talk about suicide and Departures.

Through the window of the door while John and Laurie are arguing, Senior bashes in the head of the policeman who was there poking around.

Nora and Laurie get into a brawl when Nora won't return Laurie's lighter. Their girlish fight is how Laurie got her shiner.

Senior is taking the officer out into the brush so he can either drown in the flood or make it through very far away from where they are. 

It's while they're tracking the physicists that Laurie discovers where Kevin is. Nora hardly gives it a second thought.

Laurie and Grace get to know each other a bit while cooking. Grace wonders if Kevin was a good husband and why they divorced. 

The thing that has been bugging Grace for years has been that her kids shoes were missing. Kevin is going to ask her kids where they put their shoes. Laurie looks back at a photo of the family. Or, maybe, the pill bottle that's before them.

The family gathers for their last supper. 

Senior gives everyone an apostle name.  While they're discussing whether Laurie is Thomas or Judas, the rest of the table begins following asleep.

She recalls Nora finding the suicide machine. Laurie wondered...so is this the part where you call the DSD and shut this operation down? Nora turns to Matt, sharing with him a story she recalls from a baseball game they attended as children. A time they were so happy and a man had to ruin their happiness. Why would anyone want to do a job like that? Because if he doesn't, the ball would have gone onto the field and it would be fucking chaos.

She's crying, Laurie holds her. Matt decides to stay with Nora. Laurie promises not to tell anyone what she did.

Later that night, Kevin gets back. Laurie tells him she thinks she helped Nora find what she was looking for. She also admits to drugging everyone's food. She's not there to talk Kevin out of doing what he will but to say goodbye.

Kevin can't believe she still has the lighter Jill gave her. They share parental stories. She threw the lighter in a sewer grate and went back for it, but he killed her hamster. He never even knew its name. He called it Mr. Fuzzy, but laughed harder when he recalled it was Mr. Funny. She admits not attending a conference and skipping out for a spa and Kevin admits hating their house.

The biggest cop is about their baby that Departed. She asks if he's afraid of what he has to do, and he tells her how real where he's gone previously has been. No, he's not scared.

They say goodbye.

Nora goes scuba diving. While she's getting ready to go, she gets a call from Jill. Jill wonders if she remembers a time when she was five and was obsessed about a mannequin, a goose on a rainbow and a puppet that worked in a department store. Today's Special. 


The Leftovers
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The Leftovers Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Whatever is happening here? I want to be a part of it.


Senior: I hear you were with the good Reverand Jamison. He coming to?
Laurie [shakes her head]: No. He gave me something for you, though. He says he's sorry he didn't put you in his fucking book.
Senior: Who torched it?
Laurie: Your son. Is he here?
Senior: Right now, he's off having himself a think.
Laurie: About what?
Senior: We asked him to die. Again.