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The Librarians head to the small town of Breman to investigate a traffic accident.

They find a fingerprint on the truck involved, and Jenkins suggests it is likely from a troll.

Ezekiel and Eve look for the troll, and Ezekiel complains about getting bored.

Cassandra is glad that Jacob is willing to work with her. He says he likes her, but he just doesn’t trust her. She asks if she should continue to earn his trust, but he says he's fine with their current arrangement.

They talk with the sheriff as the town's mayor approaches, running around completely naked. He doesn't seem to realize that, though.

The sheriff says there have been some strange things happening around town.

The Librarians start to make connections when they see a giant wolf in a night cap. That's the story of "Red Riding Hood." The troll is from "Three Billy Goats Gruff," and the mayor is from "The Emperors New Clothes." Someone has weaponized fairy tales.

Jenkins suggests a few possibilities for why this is happening, and tells the librarians to get the wolf for an autopsy.

Eve and Cassandra talk in a bar while Ezekiel and Jacob steal the wolf. Women in the bar are swooning over Cassandra, and Cassandra notices Eve's hair.

Back at the Library, Jacob knows exactly how to cut in to the wolf, and pulls out a woman.

The fairy tales coming to life are being caused by an old man reading a magical book to a dying girl.

The people who feed the story become sick. Ezekiel goes after a magic coin and finds the dying girl, while Eve and Jacob head to a local library. There they meet the same old man who had been reading the stories.

All of the Librarians (except Ezekiel) find that they are being sucked into the story. Cassandra is a prince, Eve is a princess, and Jacob wields and ax.

Ezekiel is the only one who the story works for instead of against, and he has to change the story to save the others. The dying girl helps by telling what she believes to be the happy ending-- which includes Eve becoming a ninja princess.

The Librarians
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The Librarians Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Eve: Do not antagonize the local law enforcement.
Ezekiel: But it's so much fun!

Okay. So we have to get a sample and a picture... and not die.